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London Events

Company Presentations

A fantastic opportunity to meet with the companies you want to work with after graduation, Company Presentations enable our students to find out more about internships and post-study recruitment, as well as offering the chance to network with your potential future employers.

Events Calendar

Company Presentation: Cartier
21st February 2017

INC. Student Society: A Chat With Michelangelo Marchiorello Dal Corno, Google UK
22nd February 2017

Company Presentation: Infosys & InStep Internship Programme
23rd February 2017

Recent events

Careers Presentation: Mazars
7th February 2017

From Burberry to Tilbury: Make Up Your Career
16th November 2016

Company Presentation: Bloomberg
16th November 2016

Company Presentation: GEP
8th November 2016

Company Presentation: Intesa Sanpaolo
19th October 2016

Company Presentation: Fidelity International
18th October 2016

Company Presentation: Standard & Poor Global
4th October 2016

UBS Company Presentation
29th September 2016

Careers in Investment Banking in London
5th April 2016

Company Presentation: Mazars

1st March 2016

Gartner UK Ltd Company Presentiation
13th January 2016

Cartier Company Presentation
12th January 2016