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Student Services

Students' Service Madrid campus

Please contact your programme manager for any academic inquires.

ESCP Europe Campus Madrid


All students from outside the EEA are required to hold a valid student visa for the duration of their studies in Spain.

For more information on student visas please visit the Study in Spain webpage.

We advise you to contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your home country at least 3 to 4 months prior to your trip to Spain. They will help you with the process and give you detail information on the required paperwork.

Look for the Embassy or Consulate in your country here.

Please note that you must take personal responsibility for managing your own unique situation.

European Union Citizens

For students of member states of the European Union: They only require to have a valid passport and / or identity card.

However, if the student wishes to remain or reside in Spain for a period that exceeds three months and / or work legally in Spain they must register in the Register of Citizens of the European Union of the Foreign Office. More information here.

NIE - Foreginer Identification Number


What is a NIE?

The NIE card is an essential document for foreign students in Spain, required by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It allows you to legally stay in Spanish territory for a period exceeding three months.

The NIE is required by many legal institutions, public or private organizations as well as government agencies for any kind of procedure records, official actions or economic or professional interest.

The N.I.E. is a tax number that identifies persons performing economic transactions in Spain and since 1990 every foreigner that arrives in Spain must obtain this number.

Why do you need it?

  • Open a bank account
  • Pay taxes
  • Be paid for employment
  • Apply for a social security number

Even simple things like contract a telephone… so we strongly recommend you obtain one as soon as possible!

We recommend you visit the Citizen Service website for clarification on any matters (in Spanish).