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Paris Library Collection

- 38,000 books
- 300 current periodical subscriptions
- 4,000 students dissertations
- 500 corporate reports
- Numerous online databases
- etc.

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Library - ESCP Europe Campus Paris / République

Library Stock and Services


The Library's holdings is primarily composed of texts on management sciences, business in the international arena and all the disciplines taught at ESCP Europe: finance, marketing, corporate strategy, human resources management, international trade, accounting, law, economics, sociology, etc.


The collection classification is organized around 9 areas :



Communication - Information Sciences - Computer Sciences


Country Information - Geopolitics


Law - Political Sciences - Economics


Accounting - Finance - Financial Markets


Fiscality - Public Finance


Marketing - E-Business - Industries


Social Sciences - Sociology


Coporate Management - Human Resource Management


General Culture - Languages


Research Assistance

Library staff may help the users in their research and advise them in the use of information resources and searching tools at their disposal. The librarians are able to carry out, upon request, information retrievals for the teachers and the administrative staff.
The library regularly distributes a list of the periodicals it receives, a list of students' dissertations and reports and of corporate annual reports and industry studies.
To get further information, contact: Valérie Aimé-Bourelly, Claire Le Peutrec, Béatrice Marchand, Isabelle Sergent, Nathalie Trezon

Interlibrary Loan

Restricted to factulty and to administrative staff, this service facilitates the loan or the photocopy of documents stored in other libraries. For further information, contact: Servane Barbot.