"Re-working Lacan at work" Conference

ESCP Europe Paris Campus, 14-15 June 2013

Organization Committee

Scientific Organizing Committee is composed of :

Gilles Arnaud (Chair), ESCP Europe, France (Email)

Bénédicte Vidaillet (Chair), University of Lille/ LEM, France (Email)

Carine Chemin-Bouzir, Reims Management School/ Gregor, France (Email)

Stijn Vanheule, Ghent University, Belgium (Email)

Carl Cederström, Cardiff Business School, UK (Email)

Casper Hoedemaekers, University of Essex, UK (Email)

Laurent Chaine, Psychiatrist-Psychoanalyst, Paris, France (Email)

Conference Support Team is composed of :

Béatrice Menaige-Belaval (Logistics & Registration), ESCP Europe, France (Email)

Aurore Le Bourg
(Promotion & Website), ESCP Europe, France (Email)

Xavier Léon, Research assistant & lecturer (Conference Proceedings & Publications), ESCP Europe, France (Email)

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