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International student unions

Shuffle ESCP

Picking up the torch of its predecessor Absolutely, Shuffle ESCP is ESCP Europe’s official on-campus international association since October 2011.
The goal of the association is to support the international dimension that ESCP Europe strives to embody. By encouraging interaction between international and French students, and through educational and social activities promoting cross-cultural understanding, exchange and cohesion, Shuffle ESCP helps strengthen the school’s internationality.
The association’s activities include international dinners, concerts, a welcome evening for incoming exchange students to ESCP Europe’s Paris campus, cultural activities in Paris and its surroundings, and more. Shuffle ESCP is also the only association at school in which English is the official spoken language, and where international students can find help about any administrative formality by reaching out to our staff.

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AIESEC ESCP Europe is one of the first’s local committees in the history of AIESEC. Created in 1950, it has re-opened in September 2012 to offer ESCP Europe students the possibility of becoming part of an international network of over 80,000 members.

The AIESEC association is the largest youth-run association in the world. Present in over 113 countries worldwide, it’s a non-profit association that allows young students to discover and exploit their leadership potential through professional and humanitarian internships abroad to create a positive impact on society.

In addition, AIESEC is entirely run by students and recent graduates of higher education institutions who are interested in global issues, management and developing leadership.

The members of the association evolve in a rich multicultural environment which allows the practical training of professional skills, especially through national and international conferences.

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Call ON’U

As the biggest student association of ESCP Europe, Call On’U is active on the campus of Paris, London, Madrid and Torino, and has more than 80 members from a dozen nationalities. Every year, its members fly to New York City to take part to the most important model of the United Nations, the National Model United Nations (NMUN), which gathers around 4 000 student from top universities from all around the world. During five intense days, they embody diplomats and represent the country they have been assigned in the various committees of the United Nations: General Assembly, Security Council, IAEA, UNICEF … With Call On’U, students live a unique experience in the spirit of Europe and international diplomatic relations.



African Business Club (ABC)

The African Business Club (ABC) student society was born in 2003 thanks to a group of ESCP Europe students. They wanted to set up a think-tank on African issues. It has currently 5 main objectives:

  • Developing a network of managers and intellectuals who are particularly aware of the African continent’s issues;
  • Fostering ideas and exchanges in the network;
  • Uniting potentials and making easier the access to information (production of surveys and articles, circulation of practical information);
  • Contributing to Africa’s development and carrying through charitable projects in order to increase the young Africans’ awareness;
  • Promoting a better image of Africa, by pointing out its assets and potential.

For more information, please visit the website (in French).