Marianne, Master 2

As a first year student, I took part to the organization of activities aiming at welcoming international students. During my second year, I got fully involved in an association publishing the student city guide “Paris Tenu”. It was a challenging experience. I enjoyed running a project integrally while building friendship with the fellow members of the club. The year after, I took part to an exchange program with the University of Texas in Austin. I got addicted to such a dynamic way of life and I plan to keep on moving! 

Paris Campus: Student life

Leisure student unions

Leisure ESCP Europe student unions



As one of the most popular associations of the school, Telescoop films and regularly broadcasts the best moments of student life at ESCP Europe (Telescoop’s News). Your best (but also worst…) memories shall be carefully recorded and edited with our care so that you can keep good track of your crazy years at ESCP Europe! Telescoop equally produces short films for companies or ESCP Europe associations.


The Quatter is above all the club of the school where you listen to ESCP Europe bands’ concerts, chat over a beer after courses, or even learn how to play darts and pool!

On Air

ON AIR is the ESCP Europe internet radio : radio of the students for the students!
Since January 2008, our program: news flash (more or less serious), sportive flash, daily, morning or nocturnal broadcasts in a crazy atmosphere etc.


Baobab manages the website of ESCP Europe students. This website is a discussion forum where ESCP Europe students love to laze about when their internship depresses them, when campaigns are at their biggest moments, when gossip is at its best… But one must not forget that it is also: information all year round: interviews, articles, reports…, and hoto reports of all key events at ESCP Europe. Any new ideas are welcome! If you are passionate do not hesitate to come and talk about what you like.

Paris Tenu 

Paris Tenu is most of all an annual guide of restaurants and more generally of outings in Paris. It is an association where everybody is welcome to invest oneself a lot or just to write a few critics…