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Welcome to the Paris Campus of ESCP Europe

The ESCP Europe Paris Campus, 79, avenue de la République, 75011 Paris, France

ESCP Europe, influential player in the academic and economic landscape of France, is one of the big three Grandes Ecoles de Commerce in the country.

The Paris Campus is the School’s first implantation, steeped in nearly two hundred years of history. It is the largest of the six campuses and hosts the largest number of faculty and students.

ESCP Europe is a hub for partnerships with highly reputable universities and schools such as the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration or the world-famous Pantheon-Sorbonne University.
It also has a formidable network of ties with major corporations and key business leaders in France; ESCP Europe Paris is actively involved in the policy debate of social and economic issues and questions of equal opportunity.

The extensive facilities of the Paris Campus create an environment which is conducive to both knowledge creation and knowledge acquisition. Likewise, students enjoy an atmosphere which offers ample opportunity for extra-curricular activity and there is, indeed, a wide range to choose from. A further attraction of the campus is its physical location in the heart of Paris. It is literally at the crossroads of new economic and societal trends shaping the future of the French capital. Our urban campus lends itself well to projects which combine entrepreneurship with different cultures, design, innovation, creativity and information, all deeply rooted in a management culture that moves with the times.

Claudine Bertin, Director of the ESCP Europe Paris Campus

Claudine Bertin, Director of the ESCP Europe Paris Campus