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Torino Campus Events


Economy 21st

    Erica Brignolo
    Tel. +39 011 6705891

Torino Events

Economy 21st Series


Economy 21st in a nutshell

The Economy 21st is a series of debates and meetings with high profile company exponents called on to discuss and intervene on current topics. Having gone beyond the limits of traditional frontal lectures, these events have become actual conferences that personally and professionally develop our students' cultural baggage.

These meetings are organised periodically by our campus to allow our students to meet important experts and illustrious corporate executives and leading figures in the business world.

Coming Economy 21st

The conferences of the Economy21st series will continue in the next Academic Year.

Past Economy 21st

Here is the list of past “Economy21st” events, held at our Business School:

  • The future of FMCG. Piranha Brands: how large FMCG players can win: Alberto Zunino, BCG Italia Partner and Managing Director, January 23rd 2018
  • An amazing business from the sea perspective: Neil Palomba, President - Costa Crociere, 29th November 2017
  • A journey through the BNP Paribas world: Irene Carignano, Vice President - Leveraged Debt Platform Italy, 8 November 2017
  • UK and Europe: a new partnership: Ms Jill Morris, HM Ambassador to Italy and the Republic of San Marino, and Tim Flear, HM British Consul General - November 22 2016
  • TOChina:
    What it means for Europe, and how future managers and entrepreneurs can make the most of it.
    Giovanni Andornino: coordinator of the TOChina system and teacher of international relations in Oriental Asia at Turin University – 11th March 2015

  • BCG: Digitalization of Companies
    Speaker: Nicola Pianon, Senior Partner and Managing Director BCG
    3rd December 2014
  • Unicredit:
    The Art of Advising: business and professional defining moments. Key skills in advising, “tricks of the trade”, success stories and lessons learned. With Vincenzo Tortorici, Co-Head of Global Corporate Finance Advisory – 5th March 2014
  • TOChina:
    China in your CV to make a difference: which China and how to handle it.
    Giovanni Andornino: coordinator of the TOChina system and teacher of international relations in Oriental Asia at Turin University – 5th February 2014

  • Maternity as a Master:
    MaaM: Maternity as a Master. Leadership: what competences are required today and how to develop them.
    Andrea Vitullo: coach, writer, founder of Inspire and Riccarda Zezza, entrepreneur and founder of Piano C – 27th November 2013

  • Attitude and skills:
    Attitude and skills: what you need today to approach the business world. The experiences of someone who has struggled to improve for 20 years.
    Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, President of Southern and Eastern Middle East and Africa  Google.
    During the conference the Alberto Cappellini (ex MD of Seat Pagine Gialle) scholarship was awarded – 20th March 2013

  • The Irrational Consumer:
    The Irrational Consumer: the dynamic nature of preferences.
    Enrico Trevisan, Partner Banking at Simon-Kucher & Partners - 6th February 2013

  • Chess and Company Strategy:
    Presentation of the book on strategy “Scacchi e Strategie Aziendali” with the authors: Luca Desiata of Enel and Rocco Sabelli MD of Alitalia and Piaggio – 29th January 2013

  • IMS Health:
    Trends in health care systems and services in the early 21st century: an industry provider perspective
    Davide Levi, Vice President of IMS Health – 20th January 2013