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Corporate Events Torino Campus


An Economy21st conference at the Torino campus of ESCP Europe

Economy21st is a programme of multidisciplinary lectures periodically organised by the ESCP Europe Turin campus.

These lectures consist of participations and contributions of prominent experts and renowned business leaders: industry personalities and institutional influencial thinkers.

Representing the opportunity of interaction and discussion on specific management issues, they are aimed at the exchange of experiences and the opening of new perspectives, contextualised in order to better understand the "XXI century economy". The lectures, primarily addressed to the Master students,  are open to the public.

Company Visits

Company visit

Company visits are an effective strategy for introducing your company to the Master students.

By inviting potential future resources to visit and presenting your company, you will have the opportunity to give them a preview of your organisation.

For these reasons, company visits have had remarkable success both for the companies that organised them and for the students who attended them.



Workshops are seminars that offer students the opportunity to learn about corporate culture and gain valuable knowledge in an informal and creative environment.

They are organised by the Corporate Relations team and Careers Office to help students understand companies through practical sessions, useful for the postgraduate recruitment process.

ESCP Europe hosts several workshops every year, with guest speakers holding strategic positions in international companies.

If you would like to collaborate with us at ESCP Europe Turin Campus in organising any careers event, please contact Erica Brignolo.

Executive Club

Executive Club

The Executive Club is a cycle of events with the goal of inspiring and promoting the growth of Managers, Executives, partner companies, and the associations that revolve around our Business School.

The aim is to promote topics of interest that can stimulate economic and social action by acting as a source of innovation, creativity, strategic thinking and personal growth.