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Company presentations, the ideal stepping stone for graduates

"I attended a company presentation and had an interview afterwards. After several interviews I got a job offer in Oxford. I am now a consultant in the Paris office of BASES."

Anne-Laure Marguet (MEB 2002), Nielsen Bases


Corporate Events

"One of the main roles of the Corporate Relations department is to act as an interface between our school and companies, promoting projects and events between them on a regular basis. The development of internationally oriented executives who are able to serve the requirements of companies adequately can only be achieved through intensive business contacts."

Jan Ehlers, Head of Corporate Relations
ESCP Europe Campus Berlin

Company Presentations

Companies have the opportunity to organise events and to hold company presentations at the ESCP Europe Berlin Campus on a regular basis, either during the Recruiting Days or other occasions.


We offer workshops to give companies the possibility to observe students and become acquainted with them in team-based exercises.

Students can be pre-selected on the basis of the information (CVs) provided in the yearbook or chosen as a result of their application for participation.

These workshops are generally devoted to specific case studies in the areas of Marketing, Controlling, Investment Banking and Consulting, and more.

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme: Unternehmerschule

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