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Julie Estezet

Career & Apprenticeship Advisor
 +33 1 49 23 27 58


Maria Tsianti
Senior Manager, Careers Service
+44 (0)20 7443 8818


Jan Ehlers

Head of Corporate Relations & Business Development
+49 30 32007 149


Ramon Rodriguez Aragon
Company Relations Manager
+34 91 386 25 11


Erica Brignolo
Company Relations Manager
+39 011 670 58 91

More than 40%

of MiM and MEB students work outside their home country

(1st Job survey – 2013)

Find your future managers at ESCP Europe

The corporate relations department as a key interface

The Company Relations department is the interface between students and companies, particularly in the area of internships and Company Consultancy Projects.

In-company internships and projects are an essential and mandatory part of each programme. They ensure that participants meet educational objectives to understand how the business world functions. Participants can also apply their skills to real-life situations and develop new competencies.

Our mission is to offer you access to a highly motivated, dynamic and culturally diverse student body of interns, apprentices and graduates.

How does the European dimension add value to our students' careers?

Moritz Himmelreich
Master in Management Grande Ecole

"The European dimension of the school opens horizons"

The European dimension of the School opens horizons, fosters exchange between students of different countries and teaches us to work with them.


"ESCP Europe enables us to understand the business world on a European level by giving us a global vision."

As the expansion of the EU accelerates, French businesses deal not only with France but also with Europe as a whole. At ESCP Europe, the international dimension enables us (and especially non-EU students) to understand the world of business at a European level better, giving us a global vision.


"After working as a business process and digital manager at Hermes, I wanted to increase my business exposure (in Marketing, Finance and Leadership) and have a better understanding how corporations work to bring them the best contribution."

This MBA enable you to challenge your assumptions, meet people from other business fields and countries to create a Huge Playground of diversity which enhances your skills.
It’s above all a great human experience, allowing you to learn not only about others but also yourself. It is something you should not miss to be ready for an international management !

Natalia Kovylkina-Domine
MBA in International Management

"Starting an MBA cursus at ESCP Europe was a real challenge for me after 8 years of medical studies and 4 years of working experience at Institut Esthederm"

However, doubts and fear of diving into excellence in business management quickly vanished, helped by high profile teachers, diverse and experienced peers, intense curriculum and multiple networking events.

"ESCP Europe has a highly diversed learning atmosphere with world class level professors and I really apprecatiate that we have international blood in group projects and class discussion."

Professional support from powerful alumni communities and career office do help a lot in our career development and we also have access to cross-campus fairs. My MBA year could be one of the most valuable experience in my life.

Oliver Madden
US American
MBA in International Management

"ESCP Europe’s MBA in IM has provided me the unique opportunity to gain pragmatic international business skills,

studying in city centers across Europe, alongside diverse and inspiring classmates from a wide rage of cultural and professional backgrounds.”

"Following a one-year management course in two different countries with students from all disciplines and nationalities is a rewarding experience, both essential and ideal for my international career."

Today, we young people cannot stay "stuck" in our comfort zone. The European dimension of the School exposes us to international horizons and encourages open-mindedness and creativity by sharing new ideas. This pushes us forward. The School’s openness to the world, its European dimension and especially the MEB will help me to function better in professional life, not only in France but also in the rest of the world. The environment at ESCP Europe shapes us and gives us the ability to adapt wherever we are; an intellectual curiosity, a positive attitude towards new experiences, a constant desire to innovate and a real respect for others of different cultures.


"ESCP Europe: a school powered by the European spirit and renowned outside of France."

The concept of Europe as we know it today is one of the most humanist ideas. This humanist aspect and the open-mindedness of the School, among other things, attracted me and made me want to apply. Personally, it was essential to be in such an environment; where ideas are exchanged with ease and nothing is lost of our individuality. On the contrary, this participates in and contributes to the diversity of the School, thereby enriching it.

The international exchanges experienced at the School, as well as the quality of the teaching and faculty, will leave an indelible mark that will enrich my professional and personal life. In addition, its reputation will be a real guarantee of quality, which is vital to my future international career.


Alia-Maria Abouchaar
Lebanese and Columbian dual nationality
MSc in Marketing and Creativity

"ESCP Europe will give me the means to fulfill myself in an international environment."

One school; six campuses; six European cities: no other business school offers this multicultural aspect. It is precisely this dimension that gave me the opportunity to settle first in London and then Paris. This enabled me to discover cultures different to mine so much more deeply; to have enriching experiences at all levels; to discover new passions; and, above all, new facets of my own personality.