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International Conference "Work and Creativity"

November 19-20 novembre 2015
ESCP Europe Paris Campus

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"A critical reflection on managerial behaviour and leadership"

"Banks have been operating in a difficult economic environment since 2008, and among other things, are trying to refocus on their primary role: the financing of the economy.
They focus on the needs of their customers both in terms of the protection of their savings and the financing of their projects.
Their environment is being increasingly controlled by the supervisory authorities, and is also marked by a rapid change in customer behaviour in the digital age.
These factors cause us to reassess our values, our goals and our organisation. This period of profound transformation is accompanied by a critical reflection
on managerial behaviour and leadership."

Edouard-Malo Henry
Human Ressources Director
Société Générale Group

Edouard-Malo Henry Human Ressources Director Société Générale Group

New study: The Maker Movement

New forms of workshops are developing in Europe as in the US. They are fab labs, hackerspaces, hacklabs, Bricolabs, tech shops... These shared spaces that often allow shared space for new tools (3D printer...) are also an opportunity to rethink the relations of production by encouraging work cooperative and creative dimensions, with a backdrop of political concern or corporate social responsability.
This "Maker movement" that meets the interest for start-ups and entrepreneurship of younger generations, and the net economy successes (Amazon, Google, Facebook...) challenges the traditional forms of large organization, its hierarchical structures, its attractiveness and its career opportunities.

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ESCP Europe / Société Générale Chair
Organisations, Leadership and Society

The Chaire "Organisations, Leadership and Society" aims at taking a step back to reflect on the changes that will affect the functioning of organisations and exploring the issues of topics such as: responsible management and labour relations in rapidly changing environments, organisations in the face of complexity and relationships with money.

Creation: origin of the Chair

At the end of 2011, Société Générale and ESCP Europe, then a member of Pres Hésam, created the "Organisations, Leadership and Society" Chair.


The Chair is directed by Claire Dambrin and Alberta di Giuli, Associate Professors at ESCP Europe.

The Chair agreement was signed in late 2011 and is the result of a long collaboration between ESCP Europe and Société Générale, who have been partners since 2006.


The meaning of our partnership with Société Générale

The management of complexity in large organisations, the question of responsible management and the evolution of labour relations in a rapidly changing environment are central issues for companies in the banking and financial sector.

It is in this context that Société Générale and ESCP Europe created the Chair: a place for exchange and mutual enrichment, to pursue and expand research in this domain.


What is the objective of this Chair?

Take a step back to reflect on the changes that will affect the functioning of organisations and exploring the issues of the Chair’s main areas of research:

  • Responsible management and labour relations in rapidly changing environments: the "sense of action" and work, recognition, responsible management as a daily practice
  • Organisations in the face of complexity: work will focus on the management of complexity in everyday life, decision-making methods in an uncertain environment of organisational development
  • Relationships with money: in times of economic crisis, how to rethink the role and status of money in organisations and their work


The activities of the Chair are organised around research and teaching. It aims to sustain the initial and continuing training programmes of the School through research conducted within the framework of the Chair.

Many activities may be financed by the Chair: funding of specific research, theses or post-doc research on these topics, seminars, conferences and study days, scholarships for students interested in banking and financial sectors...
Research projects commenced in 2012 include the following themes:

  • Cultural diversity and professional success: the case of exceptional entrepreneurs
  • Measurement of work performance: cost, value and performance model. Responsibility of CVA: a procedural approach to corporate responsibility strategies
  • Managing by attention in a complex environment - study of the attention that managers give to their employees on a daily basis
  • Players and institutional spaces: the role of the company in question. Establishment of an international network to discover innovative communities in work organisation: the case of hackerspaces
  • The construction and appropriation of the meaning of CSR in organisations
  • Money - for those who do not have any: Social representations of money and the role of financial institutions in a context of extreme poverty