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  • 80% hold a Master
  • Average Years of Experience: 11
  • Average Age: 35

ESCP Europe Executive Masters

Become an expert in your domain with an Executive Master!

Executive participants at ESCP Europe
Graduation ceremony

Our Executive Specialised Masters and Executive Masters are degree programmes designed for high potential managers with at least three years of professional experience who wish to reinforce their competence in a specific field of management.

All of our Executive Masters are part-time programmes, designed to fit alongside the full-time employment of our participants. This not only enables academic progression with no disruption to working life, but also allows participants to put what they are learning into action with immediate effect.

Classes take place at ESCP Europe campuses. Seminars and short modules may also take place elsewhere (see individual programme outlines for more information).

Next session (EMS based in Paris): September, 2017

EMS stands for Executive Mastère Spécialisé, or Executive Specialised Master in English. EM stands for Executive Master.

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There are ESCP Europe Executive Masters in the following subject areas: