M.Sc. in International Sales Management

Academic Directors

Prof. Frank Jacob

Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf

European Academic Director of the Master in International Sales Management

Frank Jacob holds the chair of Marketing at the Berlin Campus.

He is the European Academic Director of the Master in International Sales Management programme.

Courses taught by Prof. Jacob in the programme:

  • Consumer behavior & organizational buying (term 1)
  • Selling & negotiations (term 1)

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ESCP Europe faculty

Prof. Kerstin Alfes

Prof. Kerstin Alfes

Professor of Organisation and Human Resource Management, Berlin Campus

She is the Academic Director for the Master in European Business (MEB).

Course taught by Prof. Alfes in the programme:

  • Leadership in international sales (term 2)



Prof. Markus Bick

Prof. Markus Bick

Professor of Business Information Systems, Berlin Campus

Research: Knowledge management, e-learning, convergent systems, ambient intelligence and simulation.

Course taught by Prof. Bick in the programme

  • Research Methods (together with Prof. Wilken, term 4)



Prof. Valentina Carbone

Prof. Valentina Carbone

Professor of Supply Chain Management, Paris Campus

Research: Sustainable and green supply chain management, CSR and sensemaking

Course taught by Prof. Carbone in the programme:

  • Supply chain management (together with Prof. Moatti, term 3) 



Prof. Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee

Prof. Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee

Professor of Marketing, Paris Campus

Research: Corporate communications and interactions with consumers on the internet

Course taught by Prof. Lee in the programme:

  • Digital Marketing (term 1)




Prof. Valérie Moatti

Prof. Valérie Moatti

Associate Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Associate Professor in the Information and Operations Management departement

Course taught by Prof. Moatti in the programme:

  • Supply chain management (together with Prof. Carbone, term 3)



Prof. Nathalie Prime

Prof. Nathalie Prime

Professor of International marketing and cross-cultural management at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Chair of the European Department of Marketing at ESCP Europe across 5 country campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino)

Course taught by Prof. Prime in the programme:

  • Cross Cultural Management and Sustainability (term 3)



Prof. Vincent Smith

Prof. Vincent Smith

Professor of Law at ESCP Europe, London Campus 

Vincent Smith is an assistant professor at ESCP Europe, where he teaches business law and regulation to postgraduate level

Course taught by Prof. Smith in the programme:

  • International law of distribution (term 3)



Prof. Robert Wilken

Prof. Robert Wilken

Professor of International Marketing, Berlin Campus

He teaches Marketing and Quantitative Methods in graduate programmes and PhD programmes

Course taught by Prof. Wilken in the programme: 

  • Research Methods (together with Prof. Bick, term 4)



Prof. Fabrizio Zerbini

Prof. Fabrizio Zerbini

Professor of Marketing, Paris Campus

Fabrizio Zerbini is full Professor at ESCP Europe and Academic Director of the Digital Marketing Certificate.

Course taught by Prof. Zerbini in the programme: 

  • International Channel Management (term 3)



External professionals

Michaela Wieandt

Andreas Bernhardt

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

She is career advisor and coach at ESCP Europe Berlin as well as associate researcher at the Talent Management Institute.

Course taught by Michaela Wieandt in the programme: 

  • Career development (term 1)



Claudia Müller

Claudia Müller

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus



Founder of CIM Consulting

Course taught by Claudia Müller in the programme: 

  • Cross-cultural competences for sales (term 2)
  • Management of Change & Organizational Behaviour (term 4)



Dr. Jane Nikolitsch

Dr. Jane Oguachuba

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

Managing Director and founder of YOUNICORN Media GmbH

Course taught by Dr. Oguachuba in the programme: 

  • Marketing environment (term 1)



Nikolai Rizzo

Nicolai Rizzo

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

CFO, Microsoft Austria

Course taught by Nikolai Rizzo in the programme:

  • Sales controlling (term 2)



Claas Wenzlik

Prof. Jérôme Couturier

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus 


Course taught by Claas Wenzlik in the programme:

  • Managing Complexity (term 4)