MSc in Marketing & Digital Media

Admissions Procedure

Applications are examined in the order of their arrival; they must be submitted as early as possible. We have rolling admissions.

After the application package has been reviewed by the Admission Committee, the candidate will be notified whether he/she will be invited for the admission exam and individual interview.

Step 1: Online Application

Please ensure that you take plenty of time with this form and answer all the questions therein as fully and thoughtfully as possible. Online aplication form.

The main elements of the application include:

  • detailed professional experience
  • personal statements
  • 2 letters of reference (online form available in the application)
  • an updated CV
  • English language test result (if applicable)
  • copies of passport and university transcripts and degrees.

Please ensure that all required supporting documents are scanned and uploaded during the online application process.

Please note: you will still need to bring the originals to your admission interview.For full details of the application requirements, please see the online application. An application fee of (120€) is required to cover processing of the application.

Step 2: Admission interview & Exams

Students holding a TAGE-MAGE or a GMAT score and a TOEFL or a TOEIC listening and reading score or IELTS score (taken within the last two years) do not take the ESCP Europe written tests and must submit a copy of the results of these tests in their application file.

Candidates whose written application and admission exam are accepted will be invited for an individual interview, which plays an essential role in assessing the abilities and motivation for joining the program. Interviews take place from February to September each year.

NOTE: Candidates living outside of France and wishing to take the TAGE MAGE must apply through the FNEGE - Fondation nationale pour l'enseignement de la gestion des entreprises - to take this test.

  • A multiple choice test of English proficiency (30 minutes)
  • Multiple choice questions on general knowledge (30 minutes)

Step 3: Acceptance or Refusal
Admission decisions are sent out by email and post within one week of the Admissions interview.