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Thi Huong Giang PHUNG  CV

Thesis advisor: Prof. Michael TROEGE

My research interest is the banking system in emerging markets. I am particularly interested in bank regulations, financial crises, corporate governance, and bank performance in the transition economies. My first paper “Can Foreigners Improve the Profitability of Emerging Market Banks? Evidence from the Vietnamese Strategic Partner Program” was published in the peer reviewed journal "Emerging Markets Finance and Trade" (2016 impact factor: 0,826) in February 2018.

My second paper looks at the deterioration of depositor discipline due to the crisis related bail-outs. I also have another working paper on the efficiency of the M&A activities in the banking system in Vietnam. I have been working on projects on the areas of banking stocks stabilization, financing cost of banks and politicians’ participation on board.



Thesis Advisor: Prof. Elisabeth TISSIER-DESBORDES

My PhD dissertation focuses on the physical dimension of virtual reality experiences (VR). I examine how VR technology creates new matrix of embodied experience and the ideological roots of those matrixes. I have empirically investigated the topic through a visual ethnography of a VR simulation of surfboard, located in a museum.