The Chair in figures

Support for research papers for Master 2 students.
Since 2008, 59 research papers involving 78 students and 31 professors have received support.
For the class of 2014, 14 new papers have been currently selected to receive support from KPMG experts.

Research funding for 36 professors (over a third of the faculty of the 5 school campuses)

"To promote new ideas in our business"

"Our involvement with the ESCP Europe Foundation is a further step in the strengthening of our ties with ESCP Europe. Over 100 ESCP Europe graduates work for KPMG in France, the business school with the highest level of alumni representation.
We share in common with ESCP Europe such values as international overture, diversity, talent search and development, as well as merit-based equal opportunity.
Our values are rooted in a respect for the individual, recognition of personal performance and personal development support for fast track careers.
Furthermore, we are keen to promote new ideas in our business through timely thought and analysis on key economic and financial issues."

Patrick-Hubert Petit
KPMG Audit France
Audit Committee Institute France Chair
(ESCP 1975)

Patrick-Hubert Petit, Partner, KPMG Audit France

ESCP Europe/KPMG Corporate Chair for Governance, Strategy, Risks & Performance

Gain perspective on the integration of risk management and performance into corporate strategy.

Creation: how did this Chair appear?

In 2007, KPMG joined the European ESCP Europe Foundation to create the KPMG “Risk Strategy and Performance" Chair, which became the "Governance, Strategy, Risk and Performance" Chair in 2013, with Frédéric Fréry as Academic Director.

It aims to help companies identify, understand and manage the risks they face.
It conducts research - both theoretical and applied - on the integration of risk management and performance into corporate strategy.


The meaning of our partnership with KPMG

KPMG has always been involved in Business Schools by supporting their initiatives and contributing to their research on current socio-economic themes.

KPMG and ESCP Europe collaborations are long-standing, solid and based on a shared commitment as economic stakeholders to understanding regulatory changes and developing appropriate tools to help businesses cope with the challenges they face.
Over 100 of the School’s graduates work at KPMG in France, making it one of the most heavily represented schools in the company. By joining the ESCP Europe Foundation, KPMG has demonstrated its desire to further strengthen its ties with ESCP Europe.

In 2013, the scope of the Chair extended to the governance of Risks. KPMG, the partner of IFA and creator of the Audit Committee Institute, has a strong interest in the theme of governance.


What is the objective of this Chair?

Under the dual name ESCP Europe/KPMG Corporate Chair in Governance, Strategy, Risks & Performance, the aim is to

  • Undertake theoretical and applied research in the field of risk management and business performance applied to corporate strategy;
  • Organise conferences and symposia;
  • Publish;
  • Develop new teaching modules for ESCP Europe programmes (both graduate degree and executive programmes).


What areas of research?

Since September 2007 final year Master’s students have been able to choose from a range of research topics for their Master’s thesis.
Their research endeavours will receive assistance from KPMG managers. A “KPMG Best Master’s Thesis” prize will be awarded.

See 2013's prize

See 2014's prize

See 2015's prize

KPMG sponsors the Mega learning Simulation which every first year Master’s student participates in (about 450 students each year). There is a KPMG prize for best performance.
Various “study topics” are offered to Pre-Master students in the context of their general management studies.
The “Open” project enables students, splited into sub-groups, to lead a deep analysis of a company and its innovative practices.


Scientific Director

Frédéric Fréry, Professor, ESCP Europe

Frédéric Fréry
Professor, ESCP Europe
Doctorate in Management Science, HDR,
M.Sc. in Management (ESCP Europe), M.Sc. in Management of Technology (École Centrale).

"Through research funded by the KPMG Chair, our students have privileged access to strategic issues affecting  risk strategy and performance in particular, constituting an excellent introduction for them to their future as leaders."

Frédéric Fréry,
Professor et Academic Director of the "Governance, Strategy, Risks et Performance" Chair,
ESCP Europe