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Student Ambassadors - ESCP Europe Bachelor in Management (BSc)

There is no greater way to understand the benefit of something than to ask someone who has gone before you. 

Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) Student Ambassadors are here to help. Whether you want to learn more about the programme, find out about the social life, have worries about accommodation or the challenges of moving countries – they are here to answer any questions you may have!

Read a little about each Student Ambassador in their profile below, then email them directly.



Meet Student Ambassador Aylin Bechert

Languages Spoken: English, German, French, Spanish

Meet Student Ambassador Virginia Benazzo

Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French (B1/B2), Spanish (A1/A2) 

Student Ambassador Maarten Beckx - Bachelor in Management ESCP Europe

Meet Student Ambassador Maarten Beckx

Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, French

Meet Student Ambassador Allegra Bermond Des Ambrois

Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French (intermediate), German (intermediate)


Meet Student Ambassador Clara Boerner

Languages Spoken: German, French, English, Spanish

Student Ambassador Anastasia Bolsheva - Bachelor in Management ESCP Europe

Meet Student Ambassador Anastasia Bolsheva

Languages Spoken: Russian, English

Meet Student Ambassador Paulina Christa

Languages Spoken: English, Polish, German (intermediate), Russian (beginner)

Meet Student Ambassador Herman Chung

Languages Spoken: English, German

Meet Student Ambassador Guillaume Danloy

Languages Spoken: French, English, Spanish

Meet Student Ambassador Plarenta Deshishku

Languages: Albanian, English

Meet Student Ambassador Leon Ernst

Languages: English, German, French (Intermediate), Spanish (Intermediate)

Meet Student Ambassador Chiara Freund

Languages Spoken: English, German

Meet Student Ambassador Louis Ganier

Languages Spoken: English, French

Meet Student Ambassador Drake Kraf

Languages Spoken: English, Norwegian (fluent), German (B1)

Meet Student Ambassador Noa Lachkar

Languages Spoken: English, French, Hebrew

Meet Student Ambassador Shaan Legros

Languages Spoken: English, French

Meet Student Ambassador Adrian Leue

Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian, German

Meet Student Ambassador Giacomo Marogna

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Luxembourgish, French, German, Spanish (learning)

Meet Student Ambassador Maximilian Muennighoff

Languages Spoken: English, German and French

Student Ambassador Tobias Rossberger - Bachelor in Management ESCP Europe

Meet Student Ambassador Tobias Rossberger

Languages Spoken: German, English, Spanish

Meet Student Ambassador Theresa Seitz

Languages Spoken: English, French, German

Meet Student Ambassador Julia Vetter

Languages Spoken: English, German

Meet Student Ambassador Brigitta Vilmos

Languages Spoken: English, Hungarian, German, basic Italian

Meet Student Ambassador Xueying (Gigi) Wang

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese