The Executive MBA


The Executive MBA is designed to meet the schedules of busy executives and is highly customisable. 


Our Programme is organised as a part-time programme lasting 18 to 30 months and based on 4 pillars.

The Executive MBA consists of :

  • 9 core courses : Become proficient in the fundamentals of effective management
  • 10 electives : Select from over 50 specialised courses across Europe
  • 5 international seminars In Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • 1 International Consulting Project : A real-case executive analysis in a multicultural team

Duration :

18 months - From January 2018 to June 2019
22 months - From September 2019 to June 2020
30 months - From January 2018 to June 2020

Executive MBA Major in Insurance :

ESCP Europe and le CNAM-ENASS have launched a partnership to provide managers from the insurance sector with an executive education programme at the highest level.

Successful completion of this programme awards participants with a double degree:

  • ESCP Europe’s Executive MBA
  • Le CNAM-ENASS’ Master II Management in Insurance

Please contact our Team for more details

Erwan LegrosGMP 2013, MBA 2015
Sales Executive
Fives Stein Limited

I started as a General Management Programme participant and followed 9 Core Courses that helped me appreciate the cross-functional aspects of my new job. My company was so thrilled with the experience that they encouraged me to go with the Executive MBA programme. The 30-months length of the programme was convenient for my busy schedule, and split the cost over the period. I can now benefit from a larger network including two intakes: GMP 2013 and MBA 2015 classes.