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In partnership with CROSSKNOWLEDGE, ESCP Europe offers an e-learning portal providing online self-training modules in Finance, Marketing, Accounting…The 20 minute modules aim to familiarise you with the basics in Management Fundamentals prior to beginning the course.

The Executive MBA

The Executive MBA consists of

The Executive MBA is highly customisable. Organised as a part-time programme lasting 18 to 30 months and based on 4 pillars, it is designed to meet the schedules of busy Executives.

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Erwan LegrosGMP 2013, MBA 2015
Sales Executive
Fives Stein Limited

I started as a General Management Programme participant and followed 9 Core Courses that helped me appreciate the cross-functional aspects of my new job. My company was so thrilled with the experience that they encouraged me to go with the Executive MBA programme. The 30-months length of the programme was convenient for my busy schedule, and split the cost over the period. I can now benefit from a larger network including two intakes: GMP 2013 and MBA 2015 classes.

Individual coaching

Your Executive coach offers you personalised guidance to make the best use of your Executive MBA and manage your career.