Specialised Master® in International Project Management (Paris)


Course Modules

The courses address both theory and real-life applications. They are taught by full-time ESCP Europe Faculty and successful professionals. Are also included numerous meetings with professionals in this sector and alumni of the programme. 

The courses are divided in 7 main groups:

  • International Project Management
  • International Business Strategies
  • Accounting and Finance for Multinationals
  • Marketing and International Negotiations
  • Leadership and Multicultural Management
  • Elective Courses
  • Personal Development

List of classes:

International Project Management

Business Planning Projects
Project Management
Public Private Partnerships 
Advanced Project Management
Professional Coaching


International Business Strategies

Business Strategy
International Strategies of Multinational Companies
International Corporate Projects
International Law


Accounting and Finance for Multinationals

Capital Budgeting and Project Valuation
Project Control and Costing
Financial Statements and Business Analysis
Excel Module


Marketing and International Negotiations

Fundamentals of Marketing
Negotiation of International Contracts
Key Account Management


Leadership and Multicultural Management

Business Simulation
Negotiation, Team Work and Leadership
RCP (regional companies presentation)
Doing business in Asia/ South America


Elective Courses

CAPM Certification Project Management
International Retailing
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Digital Economy
Project Financing 
Project Management for Industrial Leadership


Personal Development

Research Methodologies
Business Presentations, including Computer Skills
Professional Development