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Career Spotlight Interviews

Ana Marcela Suclla
MMK Class of 2013
Now: Executive Director, Fundación Custer, Peru
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Romy Mouzannar
MMK Class of 2012
Now: Global Strategy & Innovation Brand Manager, Walgreen Boots Alliance
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Rishin Shah

MMK Class of 2011
Now: Brand Planner, EE
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Adel Taalab
MMK Class of 2011
Now: Area Manager, British American Tobacco
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Nicole Stokman

MMK Class of 2011
Now: Senior Account Manager at GreenLight Media & Marketing
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Jessica Circi
MMK Class of 2014
Now: Regional Director of Business Development, AccelerAsia
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Arita Celma
MMK Class of 2011
Now: Retail Marketing Manager, L'Occitane en Provence
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Gabriel Gutierrez

MMK Class of 2015
Now: General Manager of N3, Entrepreneur & Project Developer
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Luka Brekalo

MMK Class of 2015
Now: L'Oréal Germany
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MSc in Marketing & Creativity

What Our Students Say

Ada Yao Liu - MMK Class of 2015

Ada Yao Liu (China)
Communication Manager at Linkfluence
MMK class of 2015

While many businesspeople learn basic business concepts in university and later apply them in the 'real world', my career has been just the opposite.

After finishing my bachelor in Business English, I worked for five years in market research and marketing communication in Beijing and Shanghai. I've seen how the field of marketing in China suffers from a shortage of with fresh and innovative approaches, and how the marketing department of an international company in China usually stays at operational rather than strategic level.  

I was eager to build on that foundation with the strategic marketing mindset, creative thinking, global leadership, and cross-culture understanding that only an established business school can provide. Conversations with contacts who have gone through the programme convinced me that ESCP Europe can offer the mindset, expertise and knowledge I needed to take my marketing capabilities to a higher level.

Looking back to my MMK track, I cannot help being proud of my classmates; their creative teamwork projects still live on my mind. I am also missing the abundant active and insightful class discussions from various perspectives. For me, the MMK itself is a unique ecosystem: the professors and the inspiring speeches/seminars from different industry experts and professionals are the 'water and sunshine'; the practical courses with lots of actionable teamwork across cultures are the 'earth'; the 33 nationalities from different educational and working backgrounds including marketing, art, consulting, accounting, advertising etc., are the 'seeds' who are to be fully developed and transformed.

During this intensive London-Paris journey of transformation, big smiles and huge challenges co-existed. But when we said au revoir to ESCP Europe, we found that we have all changed - we like to do things differently both at work and at personal life, and we are eager to explore creative and sustainable approaches.

Thanks to the MMK, my approach during the six-month internship at Figaro Group was obviously different compared with my previous full-time jobs in China. It follows that my boss - VP International at Figaro - said "your marketing insights were very inspiring to me" and that she would like to hire a creative intern like me in the future. Frankly, I was not a creative person but the MMK tapped into my potential, which is the best reward.

Currently I am working in Paris as a communication manager for the Asian market at Linkfluence, a global leading social media intelligence company. I believe the unique MMK mindset will help me to thrive in my career.

Ana Cristina Da Silva, MMK Class of 2015

Ana Cristina Da Silva (Portugal)
Client Insights Analyst at
MMK Class of 2015

I could write endless pages on how the MSc in Marketing & Creativity changed my life. For now, I'll just share a few paragraphs that briefly explain: How the MMK contributed in me choosing a start-up, why I decided to work at Teads, and how I use the teachings of the MMK in my work.

If it feels right, it probably is.

The MMK changed my thinking process and work structure; it saved me from following the norm and traditions without asking "Why".  That was definitely a factor that led me to choose a start up company in the first place. This would have never happened if I hadn't applied for the MMK. Most probably I would be working in a big corporation because, conventionally, that's a big achievement for a CV. There is no right or wrong company to work for, but after the MSc I knew I would fit better in an environment that would give me the opportunity to grow naturally with the business and that would challenge me to ask "Why" and "Why not" as the MMK did.


During the MMK I was teamed up for fast-paced projects with people from 33 different nationalities and backgrounds. I was face-to-face with speakers from companies in all industries in London and Paris. I loved all the factors that make the MMK unique. Analysing dozens of real-life innovative business case studies, the MMK inspired me to look for a company post-graduation that was reinventing the world.

In the last days of the programme I was introduced to Teads by an ESCP Europe Alumni who is now my manager and friend. As with the MMK, Teads combines the factors I was looking for: international people with different backgrounds, a start-up that invests in people and which incentivises new and fresh ideas, and opens the way for everyone to bring their ideas to life. Even better, it shares their ideas with the all +450 Teads people around the world.


Currently I work globally from the Teads London office. I create insights on ad effectiveness, consumer online behaviour, best practices in online video advertising, industry benchmarks analysis, and online video landscape studies for six different verticals: Entertainment, Luxury, Tech, FMCG, Finance and Automotive. I work every day with people with impressive backgrounds in a flexible, open-minded and international environment. At Teads I've also been in contact with people I once met as guest speakers at ESCP Europe.

Since I've joined Teads I've been practicing most of the methodologies taught in the MMK. The six thinking hats, the structured problem solving, the consumer decision journey, the ecosystem theory, and the lean thinking. All of those concepts and others have helped me in my career after the Master. It taught me that the fresh air of new sustainable ideas is precious and will inspire and incentivise an organisation at all levels. People appreciate, compensate and respect those who participate, bring viable solutions to the table, create pilot tests and execute them.

Now, one year after classes finished, I keep the programme in my mind. Sometimes I still review the concepts we've learned in classes: I want to keep them alive because they work. They don't come in books and we can't just Google them because they were specially created for us, the ones who want to "stay hungry, stay foolish".

James Henry (UK)
MSc in Marketing & Creativity
Class of 2013

I had been searching for a master programme to further expand upon my existing academic knowledge, but one that also offered the potential to accrue knowledge in both a practical and theoretical context. The MSc in Marketing and Creativity from ESCP Europe was the one that really jumped off the page! It offered both the theoretical and practical learning experience I was looking for, and also the option to study across two campuses: London and Paris.

Living in such a multicultural metropolis as London for seven months was intense. A typical day involved spending eight hours soaking in the working methods and culture of people from Russia, the Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Algeria, Thailand, Italy, Guatemala and many other countries, and hearing more 20 languages. It’s incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by like-minded people from all over the world and to be exposed to their culture and ways of thinking. Challenging, for sure, but rewarding.

The same applies to the variety of academic content and guest speakers/lecturers brought in to the School. It was refreshing to be part of an organisation that actively welcomed real industry experts in fields such as social media or online advertising to share their direct experience of current market developments.

The most appealing aspect of this course for me was that creativity was taught as something that can be harnessed and honed, no matter whether or not you believe yourself to be very creative. Creativity becomes part of your daily thinking process during this master, and you quickly learn to look at creatively at every scenario. That was a fascinating process!

Away from the academic demands, being a student of ESCP Europe is a lot of fun. Events such as the Annual Gala or Regatta (which took place in Italy) are a great way to take a break from all the hard work.

Signing up to do the Msc in Marketing and Creativity was a big decision, but one I am very glad I made. It has been a great life experience for me, and everything I have learned will be valuable to me in the future - both professionally and personally.

Thank you, ESCP Europe, for the most amazing year of my life!

Carolin Scharny

Carolin Scharny (Germany/Mexico)
Master in Marketing and Creativity student
Class of 2012

After completing a dual-degree in international business administration in Mexico and the US, I went back to Europe. I decided to do a Master degree in marketing because I specialised in this field in the US and had already had gained some practical experience during an internship.

I researched several programmes until I found the Master in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe. I was delighted to find this particular programme because it not only promised to teach me how to combine marketing, management and creative skills, but it was also the first programme I came across which placed emphasis on creativity. The length of the programme, the international mix of students from very different backgrounds, and the opportunity to study at a top business school in cities like London and Paris all settled it for me.

While in London I was very pleased with the high quality and professionalism of the programme, as well as the benefit of the School’s direct link to the professional environment. The latter was more than evident in the MMK’s roster of guest speakers from various industries who visited the School. In addition, learning in small groups in an international environment proved to be challenging but at the same time very rewarding. Besides academics, London itself is a great multicultural city which has so many things to offer.

After spending six months in London, the programme continued in Paris. We started with a two-week lecture at the Institute Français de la Mode, with Professors as well as guest speakers from the arts, fashion and luxury industries shared their knowledge and experience. The company consultancy project was a great way to put into practice the theoretical knowledge we had acquired in London and to work on a real problem assigned by an industry client.

I completed my internship at the end of the second term at Lufthansa (Frankfurt) in the product management department of the intercontinental aircraft fleet. The skills and knowledge I gained during the MMK proved to be extremely useful at this point in order to succeed and go beyond the tasks which I was asked to complete.

Now an ESCP Europe graduate, I have taken a position as a junior business development manager at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Institute (responsible for innovation projects in cooperation with the German government and a wide range of companies). I am eager to put into practice all the knowledge and skills I developed during the programme in order to enrich my work and career.

I highly recommend the programme to anyone who wants a Master in Marketing with a different approach; where students and professors are highly motivated and strive towards the same goal of unveiling the value of creativity, go beyond what is asked and inspire others around them.

Stephanie Boeschen
Master in Marketing and Creativity
Class of 2012

After graduating from my Bachelor degree in Media Management in 2010, I felt unprepared for the job market, especially during a recession. In addition to this, the cultural and film sector in which I want to work is highly competitive. 

Besides the Master in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe, I applied to different Media Management master programmes in the UK and Germany. Although I had the choice, I accepted the place at ESCP Europe in the end because I hope that a Master in Marketing and Creativity will give me a new perspective and a broader academic horizon in addition to my media background.

Having completed several internships in a range of creative industries, this subject within the MMK interested me the most; a 'traditional' marketing program probably would not have included this topic. I also like that ESCP Europe's programme is has a strong practical orientation, with lots of group projects and case studies. Not to mention the opportunity to study in London and Paris, two cities known as major cultural centres!

At the time of writing, I just have completed my first term of the programme. I’ve loved the professors, the content and the diversity of my class, who come from many different cultural, professional and academic backgrounds.

I am very happy with my choice and I’m confident that I will find a job that inspires me after finishing my studies.

Marc Mourou, Monaco
Master in Marketing and Creativity
Class of 2012

Before joining ESCP Europe's MMK, I studied for a Master in Project Management. During this period I spent a great deal of time in professional internships in a variety of industries, all of which helped me to understand that I wanted to specialise in marketing.

I’d already heard of ESCP Europe due to its academic rankings and reputation for international excellence; but what encouraged me to investigate further was the fact the School’s MMK was one of the only programmes out there that offered a specifically creative approach to the business of marketing. Combined with the School’s open-minded, ‘melting pot’ attitude and amazing professional opportunities, the MMK quickly became my first choice for study.

My class is very international, with 44 students of 24 different nationalities, both European and non-European. I’ve found the experience of working with people from so many different backgrounds to be incredibly valuable and I’m sure it will help me in my career.

The MMK includes a period of professional internship, and the London campus careers team has been extremely helpful in my search for a placement. I have been able to meet with them several times for practical advice – they give you all the confidence you need to go out and find a job! The alumni network has also been very helpful. It’s very powerful and members are very willing to help current students.

I would definitely recommend the Master in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe to anyone who wants to learn about new and innovative techniques within the marketing industry. It is a unique and international programme that teaches students to think outside of the box, something I think is of immeasurable value nowadays.