Dissertation awards

Mar Pérezts received for her work "Ethics as situated practice: a multilevel study on ethics at work in banking compliance", the 2015 Best Dissertation in Strategic Management Prize, awarded by the FNEGE and the AIMS.

Dissertation Awards

Emilie Bérard received for her work « Rôle des instruments de gestion au sein des organisations: une approche sociomatérielle » the Best Dissertation in Health Organisations Management awarded by the FNEGE & ARAMOS.

Paris Ph.D. Programme

2010-2014 Alumni


Anna GLASER (December 2014)
Associate Professor, Novancia Business School, Paris

Dissertation: "Implementing Cluster Policies: Organizational Dilemmas, Pathologies and Evaluation. The case of a French Policy-Driven Cluster", supervised by Prof. Jean-Michel Saussois & Prof. Thierry Weil (Mines ParisTech)

ISKANDAR Samer - ESCP Europe PhD Alumnus

Samer ISKANDAR (December 2014)
Visiting Lecturer, IAE Toulouse
Senior Training Specialist, Institute for Finance & Governance, ESA Beirut.

Dissertation: "Cracks in the Temple of Global Finance: governance, regulation, technology and the future of demutualized exchanges", supervised by Prof. Christopher Kobrak.

Aurélie HEMONNET-GOUJOT, ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Aurélie HEMONNET-GOUJOT (November 2014)
Assistant Professor, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management - IAE
Director of the MSc in International Business

: "Collaboration between marketing and design agencies: What impact on the new product development process?", supervised by  Prof. Delphine Manceau.

Flavia Silveira Cardoso - ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Flavia SILVEIRA-CARDOSO (September 2014)
Professor, Universidad de San Andrès, Brazil

"A multi-sited ethnographic marketing inquiry into the experiences produced and undergone at shopping malls: The cases of malls in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo", under the direction of Prof. Olivier Badot & Prof. Florence Pinot de Villechenon

Sébastien PICARD - ESCP Europe PhD Alumnus

Sébastien PICARD, (May 2014)
Director of Development, A-Pro Mine, Singapore

The organizing of the competitive advantage: An empirical study of the resource orchestration in the vaccine industry", supervised by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bouilloud.

Mar PEREZTS ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Mar PEREZTS (February 2014)
Associate Professor, emlyon business school & member of OCE Research Centre

Dissertation: "Ethics as situated practice: a multilevel study on ethics at work in banking compliance", supervised by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bouilloud.

Véronique STEYER, ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Véronique STEYER (December 2013)
Assistant Professor, CRG, Ecole Polytechnique.

Dissertation: "Sensemaking processes in alert situation, between social construction of risk and accountability relationships. The case of French firms facing the pandemic influenza outbreak in 2009", supervised by Prof. Hervé Laroche

Magali Ayache - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

ESCP Europe Ph.D. (November 2013)
Professor, Cergy Pontoise University

Dissertation: "Managers and their bosses: Building the managerial relationship", supervised by Prof. Hervé Laroche.

Emilie Berard - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Emilie BERARD (August 2013)
Assistant Professor, ITESO. Instituto Tecnico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Dissertation: "Rôle des instruments de gestion au sein des organisations : une approche sociomatérielle. Le cas de l'usage des comptes de résultat analytique et des budgets dans un hôpital public", supervised by Prof. Olivier Saulpic & Prof. Philippe Zarlowski.

Marie-Elisabeth HOLM - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Marie HOLM (July 2013)
Adjunct Professor, IESEG Business School

DissertationThe Organizational Benefits of Alternate Mindsets: How Meditative Techniques Enhance Employee Well-Being and Creativity.supervised by Prof. Isaac Getz.

Inès JERIDI - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Inès JERIDI (April 2013)
Assistant-Professor, at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), Sousse University, Tunisia.

Dissertation: "Effectiveness of Brand Alliances in Communication", supervised by Prof. Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes.

Laure SUGIER (November 2012)
Lecturer, Université d'Orléans - IUT de l'Indre

Dissertation: "Study of a type of consumption resistance behavior : the downshifters. Ethnographic approach", supervised by Prof. Olivier Badot.

Xavier PHILIPPE, ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Xavier PHILIPPE (September 2012)
Professor, EM Normandie

Dissertation: "L’institution seconde Université d’Entreprise. Une analyse de l’imaginaire organisationnel", supervised by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bouilloud.

Karina JENSEN - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Karina JENSEN (June 2012)
Professor, NEOMA Business School

"Accelerating Global Product Innovation through Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Organizational Mechanisms that Influence Knowledge-sharing within the MNC", supervised by Prof. Jean-Paul Lemaire & Prof. Yvon Pesqueux (cnam Paris)

Florence Law-Kheng - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Florence LAW-KHENG (September 2011)
Professor - Strategic Management - EDC Paris

Dissertation: "La réinternalisation d'activités : une approche processuelle du choix entre faire ou faire faire", supervised by Prof. Frédéric Fréry.

Mariana Medvetchi-Dahan - ESCP Europe Ph.D Alumnus

Mariana MEDVETCHI-DAHAN (October 2011)
Senior Advisor on Telecom Infrastructure and ICT at the World Bank

Dissertation: "Quenching the Thirst for Innovation: Modeling the Diffusion of Mobile Technologies", supervised by Prof. Delphine Manceau & Prof. Pierre-Louis Dubois (Université Paris 2).

Charles-Henry Reuter - ESCP Europe Ph.D. Alumnus

Charles-Henri REUTER (June 2011)
Lecturer, Université de Lorraine, Metz.http://onyxconsulting.ch/

Dissertation: "Finance, Institutions and National Cultures", supervised by Prof. Franck Bancel.

Isabelle ULRICH (November 2010)
Assistant Professor, NEOMA Business School

Dissertation: "Impact of brand gender and consumer gender on the consumer evaluation of cross-gender brand extensions", supervised by Prof. Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes & Prof. Pierre-Louis Dubois (Université Paris 2).