Paris Ph.D. Programme

Current Students in Financial Reporting and Audit

Stefano CODA - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Stefano CODA
Réglementation et pratiques comptables pour les regroupements d'entreprises selon une perspective transnationale : recherche comparative et conséquences pour l'économie et le normalisateur comptable.

Supervisor: Prof. Yuri BIONDI

Imke GRAEFF - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Banking and Financial Stability: Insights from Accounting and Prudential Regulations

Supervisor: Prof. Yuri BIONDI

Samir MEDROUK - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Impact of Information System on Corporate Performance.

Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Yves EGLEM

Yin WU - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Yin WU
The Harmonization if Chinese Accounting Standards with International Accounting standards.

Supervisor: Prof. Léon LAULUSA