"The ESCP Europe Ph.D programme is an extraordinary opportunity to be trained in high level research and teaching. A lot of resources are available for the Ph.D candidates so as to offer the best conditions to succeed. In particular, the different teachers of the School are very available to help and to advise us. These four years spent at ESCP Europe will remain a very good memory and a rich experience at different levels"

Etienne Redor
Assistant Professor,
Audencia Nantes
Ph.D. May 2007


"I am now a professor and researcher at the Colegio de Postgraduados, an institution of higher education in agricultural issues sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture in Mexico. I have been named Dean of Research of my Campus, and Director of the Masters in Agri-industry, Professor of the course of Retailing and Marketing of Agricultural Products at the Colegio de Postgraduados Campus Veracruz. I have been sent to Nicaragua to advise an educational institution, and I have recently been named as a Candidate to become a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers (SNI)."

Katia Figueroa
Professor Researcher
Ph.D. in September 2006

Paris Ph.D. Programme

Follow-up of the thesis work

Three processes are designed to help students progress in their thesis work:

Progress Workshop: the doctoral students each present their progress in their research study at least once per year. The objective is to no evaluate the work but to help the student in his or her research orientation. This workshop gathers doctoral students, the thesis director, the programme director and other professors chosen internally or externally in accordance with the thesis subject.

Annual Assessment: each doctoral student presents a general result of his or her activities (thesis, publications, teachings, assistance, etc.) and his or her projects planned for the following year. The objective is to validate the work done in the previous year and to prepare the stages planned for the following year. The participants are the thesis director, the programme director and possibly other professors chosen internally or externally. It takes place in September.

Pre Viva Voce with potential members of the jury (reporters) about six months before the end of the project.