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Name: Allegra Bermond Des Ambrois

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Languages Spoken: Italian (native language), English (fluent), French (intermediate), German (intermediate)

My Background: I am from Turin, in Italy. I’ve studied my whole life in Turin except one year in California, next to Sacramento during the academic year of 2014-2016. There, I was a senior in high school and then I came back to Italy and got the high school diploma in my Italian school. 

Chosen Track: London-Turin-Berlin

What I like about the BSc at ESCP Europe: First of all, I like the international environment; having the chance to make friends from literally all over the world is a great opportunity. Also, the classes and the topics that are being carried are really interesting and challenging as well. So far I had a lot of fun while studying and working in groups and I strongly hope and believe that it will keep being this way. 

I am looking forward to: Meeting new people, new cultures and new topics. Learning in this way is great experience and I just want to keep it like this. I can’t wait to spend the year in Turin and the one after in Berlin. 

I applied to be a student ambassador because: When I really enjoy something I want to spread my joy and make other people happy as I am right now. I think this program is great and I want to make the greatest effort to make it more known and improve as much as I can. Being a student ambassador is giving me this possibility. 

My future career: My dream job is to work in the United Nations but I am open to anything since I just started the Bachelor. I am also interested in Human Resources. 

Something interesting about me: I spent one year of high school in California and it was a great experience. I love to study languages and of course, I love food!