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Name: Anastasia Bolsheva

Programme: Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Languages Spoken: Russian, English

My Background: I am from Russia but I used to live in Latvia for 2 years and studied there in a high school.

My Chosen Track: London - Turin - Berlin

What I like about the Bachelor at ESCP Europe: It gives you opportunities to compare different fields of business and see what you like the most. Moreover, due to the small number of students, you can actually learn much more and perform better, also it improves the interaction with professors.

I am looking forward to: Seeing which other subjects we are going to have during next semesters and how diverse our study will be. In addition I am excited about going to Turin and Berlin and exploring new cities and cultures. Learning two new languages seems appealing to me as well.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: I have always been a person who tries to help others and share my experience with them so the thing which I really appreciate about being a student ambassador is the opportunity to give useful advice to prospective students. Moreover, I would love to present our school at different events as I want more people to know about our Bachelor program - so my goal is spreading the word among students and schools all over the world.

My future career:
I have not decided yet as I think during next three years I am going to change and so my aims for the future might be different. However, I would love to set up my own business as I consider myself ambitious enough and I believe I can bring something new into the world.

Something interesting about me: I would say that one of the most interesting things that happened to me was that I won a competition in TECS Camp in Spain which I actually was not interested in at first but then I started being driven by the competitive spirit and so I won. I believe that describes me as a quite ambitious and motivated person. Also I really love cats and I think that it is quite unusual at ESCP Europe as mostly everyone tells me that he hates cats :) (Editor note: I’m sure that’s not true!)