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Name: Aylin Bechert

Languages Spoken: English, German, French and Spanish.

My Background: Born in Paris, my family currently lives in Munich, Germany. I have juggled between France and Germany my entire life.

My Chosen Track: London – Madrid – Berlin

What I like about the BSc at ESCP Europe: I like the fact that I get to work with an international student body. I also enjoy that these students I am with, are not only my classmates but have turned into great friends. I also find it great to be able to learn 3 languages, while at the same time get to experience 3 cities in Europe.

I am looking forward to: One of my goals as for right now, is by the time I leave Spain, to be fluent in Spanish.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: I enjoy helping out, giving advice and recommendations. I also like to get to know new people. I am a good listener and always help out friends with their concerns and problems.

My future career: As for now, I want to work in an International Organization that is related to human rights. I could also see myself being part of the management of a NGO.

Something interesting about me: I love writing postcards. Wherever I go or if I am visiting a new place, I always send postcards to all my friends. I find it so much more original and personal than simply sending an email or a online message.