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Name: Clara Boerner

Languages Spoken: German, French, English, Spanish

My Background: Grown up and gone to school all my life in Hamburg, Germany

My Chosen Track: London – Paris - Berlin

What I like about the BSc at ESCP Europe: Studying in 3 different great cities together with people from different countries and origins. Being challenged in an enjoyable way: adapting to a new city every year, getting to know new people with different habits, being confronted with interesting topics and methods of study. All of this might be exhausting at times, however the interesting and fun aspects of it will always offset these moments!

I am looking forward to: Studying with all other people of my year again in Berlin in the third year after being apart in the second year.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: The possibility to share and convince prospective students of this great program and opportunity 

My future career: To get married as soon as finishing the Bachelor and enjoy my time as a housewife with 8 children, 3 dogs and 3 cats. NOT.  I have no specific idea yet, however my goal is to find a career which fulfills me, in the sense of the job meaning something to me. Furthermore, I wish to be independent and to be able to set myself new life targets, whether in my private life or my career, motivating me to challenge myself and never stop learning!

Something interesting about me: I lived for a year in Colombia in my gap year and I loved it – I would go back there in a second!