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Name: Guillaume Danloy

Languages Spoken: French, English, Spanish

My Background: I am a Belgian student, and have had the chance to discover different countries throughout my childhood. I have travelled from Belgium to Luxembourg, going to London up to 7 years old and then moved to Paris for 9 years after leaving my suitcase open now in Luxembourg

My Chosen Track: London – Madrid – Berlin

What I like about the Bachelor at ESCP Europe: One of the great aspects of this programme is that we aren’t only facing theoretical courses but many practical ones. According to me, this is key to preparing ourselves for our future business lives. In addition, the travelling process of 3 years and 3 countries is a real opportunity for shaping our future, whether it be our relationships or our experience

I am looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to entering the active working life in Investment banking, this sector not only being a desire to work in but a real passion

I applied to be a student ambassador because: I am good at speaking with people and like being part of the development of my school, notably because I assume we have to be invested in the schools’ life

My future career: Investment banking

Something interesting about me: I often go on business trips with bankers, trade in banks with friends of mine who are traders. I very much like working and I honestly think that if you want to succeed in your professional life, seize all opportunities and create your own chance - bearing in mind that your success doesn’t rely on others and not attach yourself too much