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Name: Herman (Hon Man) Chung

Languages Spoken: English, German

My Background: I was born in Hong Kong, China. I lived in Hong Kong for most of my childhood, around 9 years. Afterwards, I moved to North Carolina, USA. I studied there for 4 years, before moving to Heidelberg, Germany and finishing my high school there. 5 years later, I’ve somehow ended up in London.

Chosen Track: London – Turin – Berlin

What I like about the BSc at ESCP Europe: The international nature of the course and the school is one of my favourite aspects of ESCP Europe. Everybody here has a different background and it leads to completely different and fascinating stories to tell and listen to. At the same time, this is what brings people together. Everyone is international and can relate to some of the same experiences.

I am looking forward to: Marketing, International Management & Strategy. I personally find these two courses quite fascinating.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: I wanted to gain experience working to represent an organisation (The school), as well as wanting to promote the program I enjoy being a part of. Finally, I just enjoy helping potential students get into the program they want!

My future career: I’d like to work at an automobile manufacturer, preferably BMW.

Something interesting about me: I’m a big fan of cars and technology. I’ll gladly talk for hours about how an engine works or how grip affects a car, but math is not my forte.