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Name: Shaan Legros

Languages Spoken: English, French

My Background: I spent most of my time in the United States, mostly moving around New York state, and I also lived in Tokyo, Japan.  I went to an American public high school.

What I like about the BSc at ESCP Europe: I love ESCP Europe because of its diversity.  You can't get this international exposure at any other school.  Not only do I get to learn about different people's cultures, I also get to practice my language skills with everyone.  Another great thing about the program is that we get to study in three different countries, which will help us stand out in the future.

I’m looking forward to: Living in Madrid and Berlin, and I’m hoping to get prestigious internships during summer breaks.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: I want to help prospective students figure out where they want to go.  It’s essential that they learn about the program from a student’s point of view.  I also want to help promote the school.

My future career: Currently, I am considering a career in investment banking.

Something interesting about me: I love exploring different areas in the city, as well as studying a variety of academic subjects.  I love learning, and I believe that the ability to learn quickly is essential for success.