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Meet Student Ambassador Tobias Rossberger - Bachelor in Management ESCP Europe

Name: Tobias Rossberger

Programme: Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Languages Spoken: German, English, Spanish

My Background: I am German, out of a small village nearby Munich. I studied in a huge public school, later in a small boarding school.

My Chosen Track: London – Madrid – Berlin

What I like about the Bachelor at ESCP Europe: I like the internationality - of the school as well as of its students. Besides the unique opportunity to study in 3 years in 3 different countries, it's exciting to work with people from so many different countries. Here you don't learn only business on a high level, but also working together with people from completely different cultures.

I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to gather many other great experiences here in London and of course to my next year in Madrid.

I applied to be a student ambassador because: When I had to make the really challenging decision on which university to go, I was very grateful for student ambassadors.

My future career: I am open-minded to many different industries and want to build up my decision on the experiences of my study.

Something interesting about me: After high school, I took a year off, to travel, work and to decide what exactly I wanted to study and at which university. When I had made the decision to study Management, I had a precise look at many great business schools, to find the right one for me. After all, I am quite sure I made the right choice with the Bachelor programme at ESCP Europe.