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Frequently Asked Questions

D - Internships / Social Impact Project

  1. Will I do any internships?

    Students are required to complete two internships before graduating from the programme. The first internship, of at least 12 weeks, is completed at the end of the 2nd year. Additionally, students have the option to complete an optional 8 week internship at the end of the 1st year.

    Internships are a crucial part of the programme, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life work experience.

    The 1st internship can be done either in a corporate environment or through participation in a social impact project.

    At the end of the 3rd year, students are required to complete a second internship, of at least 12 weeks, in a corporate environment. Internships can be carried out anywhere in world, as long as approved by the programme director.

  2. What is a social impact project?

    Students have the opportunity to complete a social impact project during their second year, which will serve as an internship.

    The School particularly encourages volunteer service to the local community, such as helping charities caring for various causes (e.g. people in need or with disabilities; education; development).

    Students may even take part in social and humanitarian missions abroad, e.g. helping to build schools in developing countries or developing socially responsible businesses.

  3. Will I have to find the internship on my own or will the school find it for me?

    The internship search is a collaboration between the School’s career office and the student. 

    Our career office offers counselling services on writing CVs and cover letters, searching for placements.

    Students also have access to the School’s internship database, where partner companies post their offers.

    Finding an internship is however the responsibility of the student. Together we will make sure that all of our students find the internships required to comply with the programme requirements.

  4. Are the internships paid?

    Students are often paid during their internships, especially for the one which takes place at the end of their 3rd year.

    However, this largely depends on the type of internship and the chosen industry.

    Therefore we cannot guarantee this will be the case for all internships.