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Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Sven Scheid
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Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership


What our participants say ...

Laura Weritz, Sasserath Munzinger Plus (Germany)

Innovation and Change Management are key issues for many of our clients − from young start-ups to traditional corporates. To foster innovation and at the same time maintain a consistent and strong brand identity is one of the big challenges. Acquiring a profound knowledge in this field within the scope of the Master programme is really helpful for my everyday work as a Brand Consultant.

Matthias Trummer, PwC Legal Austria (oehner Rechtsanwälte GmbH) (Austria)

For me, one of the greatest aspects of ESCP Europe's EMDIEL programme is the interaction with my mentor Toni. Due to his broad range of experience, he is supporting  me in my project since we first met in Berlin. I am really fortunate as Toni is not only providing me with goal-oriented advice to push the progress of my project, but in particular is always presenting loopholes, should I have reached the very end of a blind alley. However, as if that was not enough a great friendship between Toni and me has developed.

Lasmar Hadj Belgacem, BearingPoint (France)

The EMDIEL is very important for me as a business consultant because digital and innovation are really critical for our everyday life and our clients’ challenges. Also, I really appreciate the fact that it combines two additional dimensions: entrepreneurship and leadership, and this is unique. Finally, I enjoy being part of the EMDIEL as a co-creation process where my feedback is highly valued.

Yahya Warrak, MasterCard (United Arab Emirates)

My career is spanned across the Middle East & Africa so I didn’t have much experience with the markets in Europe & China. I’ve read a lot about China before the EMDIEL but when I traveled there during the Shanghai module I had a completely different experience - I was able to see things that I wasn’t able to read about. Traveling to Shanghai gave me access to the fastest-growing areas in the world and made me understand Asia better. I was able to test out ideas with both professors and classmates and get feedback which gave me much clearer decision-making skills that I am able to apply in my current job.

The global nature of the EMDIEL is reflected in the program design where students don’t spend the whole program at one location, but rather go to five different hubs across three regions: Europe, China, and the US. This global nature exposed me to new places and new cultures, and taught me how to adapt quickly with new environments that I am not familiar with.

The EMDIEL is one of a few executive master programs that is delivered by a world-class school with a very diverse student background and a lot of focus on entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

Niklas Coors, IMI Precision Engineering (Germany)

Industry 4.0 is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ – it is at the heart of many manufacturing companies’ strategies. Working for a FTSE 250 listed specialist engineering company, I can tell that both business models and value chains are undergoing significant changes in the manufacturing sector. The EMDIEL offers a unique blend of an entrepreneurial mindset and digital skills that allow you to keep up with the rapid pace of change and stay on top of emerging technologies. In addition, the global ESCP Europe alumni network and the EMDIEL mentoring programme are great ways to share best practices and get real-life feedback on ideas and projects.

Oliver Neumann, OptioPay (Germany)

The EMDIEL is a great connector for entrepreneurs around the globe, so I can build a global network of likeminded people. Meeting other founders in different hubs of innovation and talking about their challenges is of great value for me as a founder. It is great to learn how scientists look at day-to-day challenges that start-ups have and how they explain and describe them.

Jonas Vebner, Music Norway (Norway/Germany)

The music industry was one of the first sectors heavily impacted by the transition to digital. Being reactionary rather than exploring opportunities and new business models in emerging technology, recorded music was almost decimated by digital piracy. The industry is only now starting to recover on a global basis but the lead for change and innovation has mainly come from the technology companies and not the traditional music industry. Acknowledging the importance of managing and leveraging ambiguity in complex situations is something we need to become a lot better at as an industry. The EMDIEL helps you build up a relevant toolkit of methodology, processes and a mindset better suited to foster innovation as well as embrace and exploit disruption of any kind.

Manuel Diekmann, Bertelsmann, arvato Financial Services (Germany)

The EMDIEL plays a significant role in my personal and professional development. It not only provides me valuable tools, but especially changes my way of thinking about ideas and problems. Sometimes it is simply not about planning everything, but about being flexible and open for other, new perspectives. The EMDIEL helps me to become the opposite of a rigid manager and entrepreneur.