ESCP Europe Executive Specialized Master in European Business Consulting


Executive Specialized Master in Business Consulting & Project Management

Pascale Bouzard
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Brochure Download

Executive Specialized Master in Business Consulting and project management


The course is designed for high potential managers

  • with at least five years of relevant professional experience ;
  • likely to work for a company that runs project teams, or to act as a manager within a consultancy or services firm ;
  • with a good command of English.

At the end of the programme, participants will be suitable for employment as project managers on international operations that impact upon the organisation at large.


Jean-Nicolas Brun - ESCP Europe Specialized Master in Business Consulting

As a Senior Manager at Accenture, I manage information systems transformation programmes for international clients. What first attracted me to the ESCP Europe Specialized Master in Business Consulting was the richness of its contents. It covers topics essential to corporate strategy: change management, information technologies, project processes, consultants’ key role in organisational change, and finally, specific skills and practices necessary for careers in consulting.

The curriculum is ideal because it gives participants a foundation that is an excellent launching pad for specialisations in this complex and fascinating profession. Participants also learn professional techniques to apply in real-life situations through to hands-on teaching methods and role play exercises.

The diversity of my classmates, and the quality and personality of the instructors, especially the programme directors guarantee a rich exchange of ideas and the programme’s excellence. It was also a deeply enriching experience on a personal level.                               

Jean-Nicolas Brun
Graduate of the ESCP Europe Specialized Master in Business Consulting – specialisation in change management
Senior Manager, Accenture

In 2007, I had the great opportunity to be a part of the Specialised Master in Business Consulting programme in Paris. During the 15-month curriculum, I really enjoyed the professors' expertise, the content of their lessons, and their teaching methods. I discovered so many things that it changed the way I look at enterprises now. It also gave me the opportunity to work on a thesis, which helped me to reach a new level of expertise.
Following the MsBC I was able to take on new employment in a position specifically created to make the most of my educational experience. This ESCP Europe programme was a wonderful choice and the beginning of a new professional life.

Fabrice Poirot Lambert

The ESCP Europe Specialised Master in Business Consulting was a tremendous opportunity to hone both my hard skills (e.g. project management) and soft skills (e.g. business management). This executive programme is not only an excellent way to meet and share experiences with other students, professionals and academics, but also an excellent way of pulling yourself out of operational matters: attending classes forces you to delegate and arrange your diary in the most efficient way!

Alexandre David