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Executive Master in Energy Management

What our participants say...

Oscar Gonzalez, Executive Master in Energy Management participant

Oscar Gonzalez (Chile)
Class of 2014

After reviewing many international energy management programmes, I chose the Executive Master in Energy Management at ESCP Europe because it was the one that best fit my time availability and provided the international experience I wanted. Even with the five years' experience I had working in the field of energy in Chile, I felt that it was the time to go deeper, learning not only the managerial and economic part of the business, but also from the direct experience of industry peers - the ones I later called classmates and friends.

It took me more than 18 hours just to get to each module (26 to the one in India), and a few days to get past the jet lag, but it was all worth it. After a year I can say that my skills have improved and I feel more equipped with a set of tools, knowledge and multicultural experiences that give me an edge and a more complete view when I tackle a new project. Only a few months after I presented my consultancy project, I'm already having interesting offers that would mean a major career boost for me.

Daria Samarenko, Executive Master in Energy Management participant

Daria Samarenko (Russia)
Class of 2014

Prior to starting the EMEM programme, I studied engineering and international business. I gained working experience in an international engineering company and in a management consulting firm focusing on the energy and oil & gas sectors. I then wanted to pursue an executive management degree with a strong focus on the energy industry. I had received positive feedback about ESCP Europe and their executive academic programmes, and chose the Executive Master in Energy Management because it connects project management, international business and energy industry expertise.

With the programme, I wanted to deepen my understanding of the value chain of the energy industry with a focus on the oil & gas sector and its future challenges. The EMEM provided me with an outstanding opportunity to gain a sound understanding of the European Industry in a truly international environment, and a strong network of course participants. The programme allowed me to bring together my engineering and business expertise with additional management and finance topics. Overall, the EMEM enabled me to significantly broaden my professional experience, as I was able to apply what I have learned to my professional work from day one.

2012/13 EMEM participant, Karolin Mischke

Karolin Mischke (Germany)
Class of 2013

I was introduced to the Executive Master in Energy Management by a friend of mine in the ESCP Europe network. They mentioned that the programme would be perfect for someone like me, a talented female manager in the energy industry, and that it would be a great opportunity to broaden my professional knowledge. I had already worked in the sector for ten years, but until last year only with a focus on the German energy market.

I found the programme incredibly interesting, especially in the fields of renewable energy and gas & oil; I also learnt a lot in these areas from the experience of my fellow participants. The opportunity to not only learn but also share ideas with other specialists has been a great benefit to me, and through this programme I have built up a new professional network and acquired an international viewpoint. I’ve also enjoyed the chance to build on my professional management skills.

I can recommend the EMEM to anyone who is interested in the energy sector. For me, this programme was the best choice for gaining truly international experience without interrupting my professional career.

Luqman Lekan Balogun, 2012/13 EMEM participant

Luqman Lekan Balogun (Nigeria/Canada)
Class of 2013

I was looking for an executive energy management programme that would provide me with the intellectual capacity and networking opportunities required to set up a renewable energy company in Africa.

There were several options in Canada, Europe and the USA, but I picked ESCP Europe for the following reasons: the curriculum (rich programme content spanning from energy to strategy and finance to shipping, all with a global reach and a unique European perspective); the opportunity for real exposure to renewable energy in action in Germany, Spain and India; the global networking opportunities; and the fact ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the World, just to mention a few.

Looking back now, I can confidently affirm that my investment in the programme was very sound; in fact, it has already started yielding huge dividends. After just a few months of study, my intellectuality in energy management has blossomed. I now also have very useful contacts across the globe to leverage for my business plans, and I am looking forward to a great future as a CEO of a renewable energy company  in Nigeria using the 'Solar As A Service' business model.

For all this, ESCP Europe has been the pivot! Merci Beaucoup.

Joaquim Moio (Portugal)
Class of 2012

I chose this specific programme for several reasons, the first of which obviously being my interest in widening my understanding of the energy industry as a whole. Throughout the course I confirmed that my work experience in the offshore wind sector represented only a small fraction of what energy issues encompass.

The EMEM provided a good balance between industry topics, general management subjects and case studies, as well as an ideal mix of formal lectures by ESCP Europe staff and talks with industry experts on various topics. My colleagues had also different nationalities and backgrounds. This contributed largely to the international feel of the programme, in addition to the fact that it was split between the School's different campuses with an additional module at MDI in India.

This was my first experience of studying while working, and I must confess that I found it very useful. I was able to put into practice things I learned right after hearing about them for the first time in class. I am sure that the skills I developed throughout the course will be useful for my future transition from technical to management roles.

The Executive Master in Energy Management at ESCP Europe allowed me to complement my previous engineering education and experience with additional management and business-related skills. Today, my mind is unquestionably more open to see the world in a different way, and I believe that this course allowed me to understand it better, too. Thanks to the EMEM, I feel that I am definitely more equipped to tackle problems when they come and would be pleased to go back in time to be able to enjoy every single moment again.