Executive Specialized Master in Healthcare Management, Hospital Management


Taught in French

Module 1 - From health economics to new public management

Module 2
– Strategic management : best practices in company and in healthcare institutions

Module 3a – Strategic management of costs and revenue 
Module 3b – Research methodology

Module 4 – Change management

Module 5 – Quality and risk management : international concepts

Module 6 – Performance management of institutions and centres

Module 7a – Crisis management and communications
Module 7b – Research methodology

Module 8 – Cooperation strategy

Module 9 – Economic and financial management of healthcare institutions

Module 10 – HR management and social dialogue

Module 11 – Purchasing and supply chain management

Module 12 – Assert your position as a leader

Module 13 – Prevent and manage conflict in working teams

Module 14 – Study seminar abroad

The academic and professional tutoring of the professional thesis and projects Participation in professional conferences