Executive Specialized Master in International Wealth Management


Campus Channel video

Jean-Philippe Mabru, Academic Director of the Programme, and Frédérique Winkler, graduate EMS, answered questions on the programme on Campus Channel in April 2017 (video in French). 

Taught in French & in English

Jean-Philippe Mabru, Scientific Director of the Programme answered questions on the Specialised Master in International Wealth Management on Campus Channel in Febuary 2015 (video in French).



The majority of the classes take place within the 7 main modules and 5 sub-modules in function of the broad lines of international wealth management.

Module 1
The environment of Wealth Management, Relations Management and State Regulations – 28 hours  

Module 2

Law and Taxation of Private Assets- comparative international analysis

  • Law and Assets – 34 hours
  • Taxation and Assets – 62 hours

Module 3
Global Investment Strategies

  • Real Estate Investment – 30 hours
  • Life Insurance – 20 hours
  • Trusts – 20 hours

Module 4
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management – 88 hours

Module 5

Alternative Investment Strategies – 52 hours

Module 6
Wealth Management and Corporations – 32 hours

Module 7
Personal Financial Planning Strategies – 32 hours

International seminars - London, Geneva and Luxembourg