ESCP Europe Executive Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication

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Executive Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication

Pascale Bouzard
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Executive Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication


Campus Channel video

Benoît Heilbrunn, Academic Director of the Programme, and Xavier de La Tour,  Corporate Department Director, graduate EMS, answered questions on the programme on Campus Channel in March 2017 (video in French). 

1st module. Understanding your clients and defining
This module aims to map the methodologies for defining your market of reference, understanding the different behaviours of clients and the changes in the market.

  • Behaviour of buyers and consumers 
  • The dimensions of the client experience 
  • Developing marketing in a circular and collaborative economy 
  • Quantitative and qualitative studies 
  • Functions and challenges of big data
  • Cultural engineering

2nd module2. Create and deploy a marketing strategy
This module gives understanding of marketing strategy problems and tools by reviewing different action variables and ways of combining them.

  • The major principles of company strategy
  • Introduction to a marketing approach
  • Retailing strategy and e-commerce
  • Price strategy 
  • Implementing marketing strategy and drawing up a marketing plan
  • Marketing case study

3rd module. Defining an effective brand strategy
This module analyses the levels of construction of a brand and the different levers which ensure its success.

  • Building and managing a marketing strategy
  • Developing appropriate brand narratives and codes
  • Managing a portfolio of products and brands 
  • Cultural engineering
  • Innovation strategy
  • From design strategy to design thinking

4th module. Design and implement a communication strategy
Using practical case studies, this module teaches the main stages required in the design of a communication approach and the writing of an original and effective communication plan.

  • Building a communication strategy
  • Strategy for creation of advertising
  • Understanding the media world
  • Optimisation and media investment arbitration
  • Non-media strategy
  • Sales promotion

5th module. Building and managing a digital strategy.
This module is based on the different facets of digital communication, the understanding of the uses of performance measurement.

  • Internet : new usage and behaviours
  • The impact of digital on marketing and brand strategies
  • Methodology for creating a digital strategy
  • Internet visibility strategies
  • Creating an ecosystem on social media
  • Managing your presence on internet : KPIs and balanced scorecards
  • Functions and challenges of big data

6th module. Adapting to different market contexts
This module highlights the specificities of marketing and communication in different market and non-market contexts.

  • BtoB and BtoBtoC marketing
  • Marketing of services
  • Intercultural marketing
  • Luxury goods and fashion marketing
  • Marketing of non-market activities
  • Marketing of goods and services which do not exist yet

375 hours and 2 seminars.