The Executive MBA

The General Management Programme: the 9 Core Executive MBA Courses

9 core courses to acquire a 360° vision


Managing People and Organisations
Analyzing individual's behaviour within the workplace (teams, units and organizations) to achieve managerial success

Analyzing buying behaviour, identifying market segments as well as the right policies in terms of product, place, price and distribution

Cost Accounting and Management Control

Understanding various methods of how to calculate cost and applying systems to monitor the processes and results of a company

Supply Chain Management
Finding ways of how to optimize all operations in a company, including inbound- and out-bound logistics

Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
Establishing a mindset for being entrepreneurial - in new ventures or in established companies

Corporate Strategy
Analyzing the environment and the firm, formulating and implementing strategy

Managerial Economics
Understanding the macro-economic and micro-economic environment in which companies are embedded

Financial Accounting
Understanding financial language and interpreting balance sheets and profit and loss accounts

Corporate Finance
Taking appropriate finance and investment decisions, by using adequate methods and tools