The Executive MBA

An International teamwork experience

The International Consulting Project (ICP) puts into practice the concepts and
theory acquired during the Executive MBA.

It provides participants with a collaborative and intercultural work experience on a strategic challenge.

In groups, participants are expected to perform an in-depth analysis and make recommendations for actions that can realistically be implemented by a company:

- Analysis of an industry and new business opportunities

- Reorganisation of a subsidiary or a department

- Evaluation of consumer trends in light of product development

- Implementation of a production unit or a business network


The digital revolution totally turned the media market upside down. All of the traditional communication groups’ business models (press, TV, radio) were impacted by internet consumption, the power of search engines, and the success of social media.

External communication – led worldwide by JCDecaux – is the media that best withstood the very strong increase in advertisers’ web expenditures. A new enriched media appeared with the development of digital technology: digital Out of Home (DOOH). DOOH takes the form of digital advertising screens in transportation areas (train stations, subways, airports), in malls, and other spots in urban centres.

Alerted by the development of the first digital screens in the distribution sector (food retailers, clothing store windows, pharmacies, etc), our working group decided to examine how this potential development could impact JCDecaux in a larger field of sale points (food and specialised distribution, entertainment centers, universities, etc).

We identified current and potential stakeholders, as well as threats and opportunities for the world leader, and various potential economic models.

This study was very useful as it provided a solid basis for further reflection on new activity deployment at JCDecaux. For instance, it led to a marketing test on digital screens in Darty stores shelves.

Jean Muller, MBA 2012
Deputy Vice President
Sales & Developement at JCDecaux

“The International Consulting Project (ICP) extends the scope of analysis to a working group with various and complementary profiles. It is an excellent way to apply the teaching of the Executive MBA programme on audit and consulting assignments. As you expand your analysis skills and insights and work in a project mode, you learn how to better respond to operational and forecasting challenges.”




Revisiting home entertainment

  • Objective: have the start-up running by June 2014  

  • Set a marketing strategy

  • Identify the key success factors (local vs. international)

Framework: International, with a focus on France, Germany, the US

Results: business plan and launch of the start-up

Didier Baptiste, MBA 2014
S&B Digital

This International Consulting Project was an amazing experience. It was unique as the sponsor was also the customer and the project was a real entrepreneurial case. Leading an ICP team is an experience that allows for learning in every aspect. We met in live meetings or conference calls and engaged in multiple start-up events (meeting with prospects, training, pitch contests, etc.). The overarching goal of all these actions was to maintain the momentum that drives a team to attain its objective.