Master in Management

Admission Process (Master Programme)

Students at ESCP Europe

This year, 200 places on the master course are offered to candidates joining the school through the European Master Admission Test.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree awarded in a European country after at least three years of university study in Europe, other than France, with a maximum of 1 year in France.

Applicants must be fluent in the languages in which they wish to study, and English is compulsory. Languages will be tested during the interview stage. We recommend candidates not to be older than 30 during the application year and we encourage all nationalities to apply.

There are a limited number of sessions at each of our campuses. Please see the table below. 

Please note, that if you have previously studied in Europe you are also permitted to apply for the Master in Management through the external International Admissions Test (SAI). For instance, applicants who cannot travel to an ESCP Europe campus for EMAT testing can instead opt to visit a local SAI testing centre (locations worldwide).

However, please note that candidates can only apply through one admission centre and submit only one application per year.  It is also forbidden to apply through more than one admission route (i.e. you cannot apply through both the EMAT and SAI admissions). Candidates found to have done so will have their applications invalidated.

Where do EMAT admissions take place?

EMAT sessions take place on 4 of our campuses:  Berlin, London, Madrid and Turin.

The admissions tests may be taken in English or in the local language.

Calendar Intake 2018

Application deadline2nd round invitationsInterviews/ TestsAdmissions results
Berlin29 October3 November8 November23 November
19 November27 November5 December27 February
24 December11 January18 January27 February
14 January6 February12-14 February27 February
18 February14 March21-23 March12 April
22 April15 May23-25 May18 June
27 May11 June21 June6 July
London20 February12 March21-23 March12 April
6 April27 April9-11 May18 June
Madrid15 January22 January5-6 February27 February
19 February26 February12-13 March12 April
30 April7 May21-22 May18 June
21 May28 May11-12 June6 July
Turin18 JanuaryShortly after16 Feb12 April
25 Januarythe 26 February12 April
1 Februaryapplication2 March12 April
8 Februaryis 9 March12 April
15 Februarysubmitted.16 March12 April
22 FebruaryShortly after23 March12 April
28 Februarythe 29 March12 April
1 Marchapplication30 March12 April
8 Marchis 9 April18 June
3 Aprilsubmitted.2 May18 June
5 AprilShortly after7 May18 June
11 Aprilthe 11 May18 June
19 Aprilapplication21 May18 June
26 Aprilis 25 May18 June
2 Maysubmitted.1 June18 June

All candidates are required to complete the following steps:

Step 1: The Application Form

Applications are completed online.

Please ensure you take plenty of time with the application, and answer all questions therein as fully and thoughtfully as possible. The choice of study tracks in the application form is final, and changes cannot be made once submitted.

A non-refundable application fee of €170* euros must be paid by all candidates.

*This fee is subject to change.

Step 2: Supporting Documents

Compulsory documents that must be included:

  • Grade transcripts covering all years of university study*
  • Degree certificate/diploma, if available
  • Photocopy of your passport or identity card
  • CV
  • Language certificate (if required)**

*We accept transcripts covering all grades to date for candidates currently studying at university. However, an official university document listing all modules being studied in the current year must be included, along with a letter confirming current enrolment at the university. 

**To be exempt from the English language test requirement, you must be a native speaker or have carried out at least two years of university studies in an English-speaking country.

The GMAT score may also be included.

Step 3: Checking Your Eligibility

Once we have received your completed application form and supporting documents, we will conduct a profile review to assess your suitability to join the programme.

The grading of the profile review will decide whether you are invited to the final testing stage of the admission process.

Your application is reviewed by the admissions coordinator and then scored by the local Director of Studies. This score equals 40% of your final grading for the MIM admissions process, and is based on your former education, the reputation of your university/school, international exposure and extracurricular activities.

Step 4: The Admission Tests

Selected applicants will be invited to sit the on-campus tests and interviews.

Please note that the test dates shown in the calendar are the only dates available.

The tests include:

  • A personal interview: This is typically motivation-based and plays an essential role in assessing a candidates suitability for the MIM programme. Duration: 30 minutes. Application score value: 30%

  • Verbal & Mathematical computer test (SHL): This test is computer-based and can be taken in any of the languages available. The duration of the test is about 1 hour altogether, including about 15 minutes for the verbal part and about 20 minutes for the numerical part. Only a pen, paper and a non-programmable calculator are authorized. You can find examples of the test by visiting the SHL Practice website. Application score value: 10%

  • English tests, including oral and written assignments.  Application score value: 20%
    The written test requires candidates to write a 150-word summary of a 500-word text dealing with a topical issue, and an essay based on a question related to this text. Duration: 1 hour
    The oral test requires candidates to choose a topic out of five and speak a five minutes about it. This is followed by a 10-minute discussion on the topic with the jury members. Duration: 15 minutes
    English is compulsory for non-native speakers.

    To prepare for the language tests, please find below example test papers:

All candidates must complete the interview, plus the SHL and language tests.
Candidates may be asked to attend the tests over one or two days, depending upon the testing centre.

Step 5: Admission Results & Accepting Your Place

Please check the calendar in the admission dates section for the precise dates that results will be released.

Note that we are unable to release results earlier than the dates shown, as all candidates' results are subject to an admission jury. All candidates are ranked against each other and only those with the top scores will be offered places on the programme.

Admission results are released via the School's intranet site. On the results day you will be given access to the intranet to obtain your results.

Successful candidates will receive an official offer letter via email. You will be required to  pay a non-refundable deposit of €2,000 for EU students, or €5,000 for non-European citizens, to confirm your acceptance of the place. The deposit payment is deducted from your total tuition fees.