Master in Management

Admission Process (Pre-Master Programme)

Students at ESCP Europe

Students who have previously completed at least two years of university education (120 ECTS) but not necessarily graduated from bachelor studies can apply to join the Pre-Master year. This prepares students for the Master in Management programme. The Pre-Master year is also open to students completing French Classes Preparatoires.

Students who have completed two years of university education outside France, and also their upper secondary education certificate outside of France should apply through the Pre-Master Admission Test (PMAT).

Students who have completed the French Classes-Preparatoires should apply through the ESCP Europe Prépas Admission Test.

Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.  Pre-Master year studies are offered in Paris in French and Turin in English.

We recommend candidates not to be older than 26 during the application year.


Class of 2015

Students from French preparatory classes, like me, begin their studies in Paris or Turin before leaving to study on the other European campuses of the School. But you already feel elsewhere: 24% of European students (excluding France) and 31% from other continents (China, Africa, India ...). It made me discover new ways of thinking. You really learn to live and work with people from different cultures.

Register for a French classe préparatoire

You want to register for a classe préparatoire in France.

All courses are carried out in French.  For more details, please visit the page in French.