Master in Management

Degree Awards

Students at ESCP Europe

The Master in Management programme is nationally recognised in each of ESCP Europe's home countries.

Students can obtain up to four different degrees:

  • German Master of Science
  • UK European MSc in Management
  • Spanish Master Dirección de Empresas
  • French Master Grande Ecole
  • Italian Laurea Magistrale
  • Polish Master of Science

All students receive the French degree recognised by the French Ministry. Specific conditions apply in order to obtain further national degrees upon graduation.

Of the 920 graduates in our most recent class...

  • 44% earned a dual degree
  • 24% earned a triple degree.

ESCP Europe Degrees

German Master of Science

  • A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 semesters must be studied at the Berlin campus. Students may not participate in a double degree programme at an international partner institution. However you may carry out a one-semester exchange with an international partner institution.
  • Students must do 2 specialisations of 120h each (or one specialisation of 240h) during the M2 year.

UK MSc in Management - City, University of London

  • A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 semesters must be studied at the London campus. Students cannot study on our Warsaw campus, nor can you participate in a double degree or exchange programme at an international partner institution if they aim for the UK MSc.
  • Students must study in a minimum of two local languages during their studies in the two year programme.
  • All 10 core courses must be successfully completed in Master year 1.

Be aware that all semesters are not necessarily offered in the local campus language.

Spanish Master en Administración y Dirección de Empresas - Carlos III University

  • At least 1 semester must be studied at the Madrid campus. Students may carry out an exchange programme for one semester at one of our international partner institutions. They cannot participate in a double degree if they aim for the Spanish degree.
  • Candidates with previous studies in Spain need to hold the licenciatura, grado or an engineering degree.

No obligation exists concerning local campus language; courses can be taken in English.

French Master Grande Ecole
All students who successfully complete the Master in Management receive this degree, which is recognised by the French Ministry of Education. 

Italian Laurea Magistrale

  • Students who have successfully completed the pre-master year in Torino are automatically awarded this degree. They are the only ones eligible for this degree.

Polish Master of Science - Kozminski University

  • Both semesters of the M2 year must be taken on the Warsaw campus.
  • This option cannot be combined with the UK or German MSc degrees.

This information is not contractual and may be subject to change.

Degrees from Partner Universities

Students who wish to obtain a double degree from one of our partner universities usually spend their second Master year abroad. For specific questions on double degrees in conjunction with our partner universities, please contact your local admissions coordinator.

Partners offering this option:







People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China (SAR)






United Kingdom



ESCP Europe declares that the diploma obtained on completion of the Master in Management is recognized in France by the French Ministry of Education and Research (B.O. nº3 - 24 July 2014).