Master in Management

    Professional Experience

    Students at ESCP Europe

    Innovative pedagogy - based upon case studies, lectures and instruction from visiting executives, plus ESCP Europe's educational partnerships with leading companies - ensures the link between in-class theory and the reality of the business world.

    In order to help our students achieve their career aspirations, we have created a flexible study track. This allows students to structure the four-semester programme over two to four years, with the possibility of taking gap years in order to gain extended working experience in addition to the compulsory professional internships.

    The possibility of building a personalised academic track through elective courses and specialisation options combines with these professional options to create an educational management foundation and career enhancing experience.

    As a result, students can experience varied managerial disciplines through practical academic instruction and multiple internships, before coming back to ESCP Europe to deepen their knowledge base or amend their career plan by specialising in different departments. Throughout the MIM, students progressively shape and define their career goals and achievements so as to be focused when entering the job market.

    In addition to the study-internship structure, we also offer the possibility of following an apprenticeship study track allowing for systematic structured periods at the school whilst also working in a firm for an extended learning experience.

    To help students further build their careers, workshops are organised by each campus' careers service to allow students to evolve their professional reasoning and judgement. The topics of these workshops vary from writing resumes to personal reflection on internships, creating a process for self-reflection and analysis, and helping students better realise their goals.