Master in Management

Apprenticeship Track

Students at ESCP Europe

The Apprenticeship track: The ideal way to combine study and professional experience.

ESCP Europe offers its students a variety of opportunities to gain valuable professional experience above and beyond business theory. Indeed, each student is required to complete at least 10 months of professional experience before graduation. Among classic work opportunities for students such as internships, ESCP Europe offers a very attractive option: apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship track combines in-company work experience with academic coursework at ESCP Europe. Students participating in the apprenticeship pay no fees for this period and additionally receive a salary from the company for whom they work. Apprenticeships are possible during your entire Master programme (M1 + M2) or only during your M2 year.

Apprenticeships are available for all students aged under 26 from the European Union (as of the first day of the apprenticeship contract.) Employment must be in a company governed under French law; accordingly the students must have a sound knowledge in French.

Why choose the Apprenticeship Track?
• You work in a company and become deeply involved in day-to-day business.

• You spend equal amounts of time at School and in-company, exercising day-to-day responsibilities under the guidance of a senior manager, with the support of tutor.

• Tuition fee exemption and a monthly salary by your company over the full period of the contract.

• You receive apprentice-dedicated seminars from ESCP Europe helping you to make the most of your experience as well as an adapted curriculum and teaching stances from devoted faculty.

Three possible starting points