Master in Management


Students at ESCP Europe

Each Master in Management student will graduate with at least 10 months of professional experience - a real advantage for entering the job market.

Work placements in the form of internships or short employment contracts enable students to apply the theory learned in-class to real-life professional situations, helping in turn to clarify their career goals. As such, work placements are an integral part of the Master in Management programme and the hands-on learning experience.

All students are required to undertake a minimum of 2 work placements taking place in 2 different countries lasting at least 3 months each. Students with previous work experience (completed before joining the programme) can validate up to 16 weeks toward the total required. On average, MIM students gain 64 weeks (16 months) of work experience before graduation.

Students have access to an extensive number of partner firms (e.g. consulting firms, major international corporations, investment and commercial banks) via each campus' careers service, which they can contact to secure internships or first jobs.

Work placement objectives

  • Gain valuable intercultural experience within a company in any country worldwide
  • Put theoretical management methods and techniques into practice in a real-life corporate environment
  • Reflect on the experience gained, the management methodology used and more globally, the human dimension of the organisations
  • Clarify your career goals

Our Corporate Relations and Careers Service staff:

  • Assist students in identifying their career goals
  • Inform and advise students as to career opportunities
  • Post employment opportunities offered by companies on the ESCP Europe Intranet
  • Organise special events (e.g. recruitment fairs) to foster the relationship between students and businesses