Master in Management

      International Seminars

      Students at the Start@Europe International Seminar in Strasbourg

      Alongside the core courses, electives and specialisations, all students will participate in five thematic seminars. These are key moments in the Master in Management, with current students coming together to benefit from the internationality of the programme.

      • Start@Europe: With the participation of ESCP Europe faculty and key personalities in European politics, students discover how the European Union works and how laws are created at the European Parliament.
      • Business Game: This hands-on, 3-day seminar allows students to experience a computer-based business simulation that allows them to develop, implement and manage international business strategies of a simulated company.
      • Kick-start your career: Studies are only as good as the opportunities they open up. This is why ESCP Europe has created a seminar dedicated to professional development. Lectures and workshops address key topics such as professional project development, personal branding, creating dynamic CV and cover letters, interview training and networking.
      • Research Methods: Required for the Master in Management degree, students learn the essential stages of writing a thesis.
      • Business in Europe: The final seminar in the 2-year Master in Management programme gives students the opportunity to compete against each other to develop innovative sustainable solutions to real challenges put forth by social entrepreneurs across Europe.


      Students at the 2013 'Start@Europe' seminar in Strasbourg

      The 'Start@Europe' seminar is yet another indication of the School's commitment to Europe.

      The student body, made up of more than 70 different nationalities, works together within the European Parliament over a three-day period to obtain European awareness, crucial when undertaking the Master in Management.

      Students attend conferences given by experts on the issues surrounding the economic, institutional and cultural aspects of European policy-making. The students also take part in negotiation role-play with the aim of understanding the European decision-making process, and the intercultural and interpersonal dimensions of working in Europe and beyond.

      You can take a look at more pictures on the ESCP Europe Flickr page.  See the full programme of the 2015 event.