Master in Management

Specialisations & Electives

Students at ESCP Europe

During the second master year, students choose one or two semester-long options.

Available option topics vary between campuses and are language specific, so this can shape the decision of study locations in the second year.


Berlin campus

  • Finance, Accounting and Management Control (German) NEW
  • International Business 1 (German)
  • International Business 2 (German)
  • International Sales Management (English) NEW
  • Option E Entrepreneurship: Technology and digital economy (English) NEW
  • Sustainability (German)

London campus

  • Business consulting (English)
  • Creativity marketing management (English)
  • Option E Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and innovation (English) NEW

Madrid campus

  • Business Project Management 1 (English)
  • Business Project Management 2 (English)
  • Marketing and digital strategy (English)
  • Communication and new media (English)
  • Marketing and digital communication (English) (2 semesters) NEW
  • Option E Entrepreneurship (English)

Paris campus

  • Consulting dynamics and practices (English)
  • Droit et finance (French)
  • Economie (French)
  • Finance - one semester (English)
  • Finance - two semesters (French)
  • Finance d'entreprise (French)
  • Finance de marché (French)
  • Go to market (English) NEW
  • HR Leadership and talent management (English) NEW
  • Option E Entrepreneuriat (French)
  • Information financière et audit (IFA) (French)
  • Innovation (French)
  • International business development (English)
  • Internet of things (English) NEW
  • Management Control (English) NEW
  • Management des industries culturelles et médiatiques (French)
  • Marketing manager (English)
  • Performance management systems  (English)
  • Public management (English)
  • Re-think: Alternative models of organisations and management (English) NEW
  • Research in management (English)
  • Stratégie et conseil (French)

Warsaw campus

  • Finance and Accounting (English)  NEW
  • Strategic Management (English)  NEW


We offer a portfolio of more than 140 elective modules in 15- and 30-hour  formats.

As with specialisations, different elective courses are available at each campus and are taught in a specific language.

Some examples of the many electives available:

  • Breaking the Code of True Leadership: I. Getz
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Strategies: A. Acquier
  • Design Thinking in Management and Entrepreneurship: J. Fendt
  • Emerging Markets Finance: P. Bunkanwanicha
  • Foundations of Indian Business Culture: A. Kanniganti & N. Prime
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: From Project to Business Plan: G. Graef
  • International Business and Human Rights: D. Chekroun
  • International Human Resource Management: M. Muratbekova-Touron
  • Investment Banking & Financial Engineering: M. Troege
  • New Public Management and Sector Performance: P. Zarlowski
  • Performance Management: F. Giraud
  • Social Media and Viral Marketing: A. Kaplan
  • The European Model: The European Integration Process - Unity & Diversity: O. Delbard