ESCP Europe Masters & Specialised Masters®

Welcome to ESCP Europe's full-time Specialised Masters (MS)

The ESCP Europe Specialised Masters cover a variety of different areas; core business subjects such as finance, marketing, human resources, or strategy but also more transversal topics such as media management or innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each year, over 500 students enrol in one of ESCP Europe’s Specialised Masters according to their chosen career path. Originating from over 40 nationalities, they form a group of multicultural participants which makes exchanging and working in groups all the more enriching.

Our students are doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, engineers, or have degrees in literature, languages, economics, political sciences, the list goes on. Regardless of your initial training, a Specialised Master can help you meet your career goals.
Some of the master programmes are very local – many of them on our Paris campus with a majority of French participants (around 30% are non-French). But also in Madrid we offer a couple of local master programmes. Others are very international either in terms of the programme’s student body or because of the programme changing locations during the course period (itinerant multi-campus specialised masters).

Applying ESCP Europe’s European and global approach to the Specialised Master programmes means offering the best possible instruction on our campuses and selecting the best students of different nationalities and diverse backgrounds; all in the same spirit of innovation and continuous improvement that has defined the school since its founding in 1819.

Our specialised degree programmes allow participants to meet their professional objectives and give recent graduates and young managers the expertise and high added-value additional skills that recruiters look for. Today, ESCP Europe has around 40,000 alumni working in their chosen fields all over the world.

Marion LEPARMENTIER Director, ESCP Europe Specialized Masters

Director, ESCP Europe Specialised Masters